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Message From the Internship Director

Welcome to the newsletter for preceptors to inform them of program news, updates, and intern postings. We appreciate the time and investment provided interns preparing them for their future professional careers. Content posted by interns fulfills selected competencies and we hope sharing the information is useful for you the practitioners. Categories that will be included in each newsletter are a Message from the DI Director, Research Abstracts, Response to Consumer Questions, Diet Reviews, and Nutrition Apps.


Included below is selected content from our 2013 Program Assessment Report provided to the Accreditation Council for Education and Nutrition Education (ACEND) regarding the Dietetic Internship mission statement, goals, and objectives for the 2013-2017 evaluation period. The new 2017 – 2023 Dietetic Internship mission statement, goals and objectives are included below.  Thank you for your part in helping the program move towards and meet our updated goals and objectives.


Educational Philosophy


Louisiana Tech University

Dietetic Internship Mission Statement


The mission of the Louisiana Tech Dietetic Internship is to prepare dietetic interns to become competent entry-level registered dietitian nutritionists who are employed in the field of dietetics; to provide service to their profession and community; while emphasizing research and continuation of graduate studies.


Program Goals and Objectives for 2017-2024


Goal #1The Dietetic Internship Program will prepare interns to be competent entry-level registered dietitian nutritionists who complete the program within 150% of program length, who gain employment in the field of dietetics within 12 months of program completion, and who provide service to their profession and community.

Objective 1: 100% of preceptors who respond to the Supervising Dietitians Evaluation will “agree” interns are prepared for entry-level practice upon completion of the DI program.

Objective 2: At least 80% of graduates who respond to the Post Graduate- DI Program Evaluation will report they have provided service to the community (ex. Wellness fairs, presentations, etc.) after completion of the DI.

Objective 3: At least 90% of students who are admitted to the Dietetic Internship program will successfully complete the program within 150% of the program length or 16.5 months.  (Program Completion)

Objective 4: At least 80% of program graduates will take the CDR credentialing exam for dietitian nutritionists within 12 months of program completion. (Graduate Performance on Registration Exam)

Objective 5: At least 80% of the DI program graduates, over a five-year period, will pass the CDR credentialing exam for dietitian nutritionist within one year following their first attempt. (Graduate Performance on Registration Exam)

Objective 6: At least 90% of the students who complete the Dietetic Internship will find employment in the field of nutrition and dietetics or related fields within 12 months of completing the Dietetics Internship. (Graduate Employment)

Objective 7: 100% of employers who respond to the Employer Questionnaire will indicate their employees (former interns) “are prepared” for entry-level practice. (Employer Satisfaction)

Goal #2The Dietetic Internship Program will emphasize research to internship graduates and will encourage their continuation of the Nutrition and Dietetics master’s program at Louisiana Tech University within one year after completion of the Dietetic Internship.

Objective 1100% of the students who complete the DI and respond to the Post Graduate- DI Program Evaluation will “agree” they developed competence in using outcomes based research in practice.

Objective 2At least 60% of the students who complete the DI will continue in the Nutrition and Dietetics master’s program at Louisiana Tech University within one year of completing the DI program. 

Objective 3During the accreditation reporting period, at least 8 former interns who are continuing in the graduate program will complete their Master’s degree annually.

Objective 4 – Annually, at least 4 students who have completed the graduate program will have their research  accepted for a professional presentation or manuscript. 


Nutrition and Dietetics

Dear Students,

If you are searching for a versatile career which will allow you to positively impact the health and well being of others, Nutrition and Dietetics may be the perfect opportunity for you! The Didactic Program (DP) RD concentration offered by Louisiana Tech University, a program accredited by the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND), prepares students for application and acceptance into a dietetic internship, which is the next step on the path toward becoming a Registered Dietitian. Our four year baccalaureate program provides students with a strong foundation in the sciences, development of research skills, and opportunities to contribute to the community and the profession.
Louisiana Tech Nutrition and Dietetics has a new concentration option for students who do not wish to pursue the Registered Dietitian career path. The new concentration offers a B.S. degree in nutrition and dietetics while allowing students to obtain a minor in a field that supports their career goals. We are excited to offer this new pathway for students!
The Nutrition and Dietetics faculty at Louisiana Tech University are devoted to helping our students become competent practitioners. We continually strive to improve our curriculum and teaching methods in order to best equip our students for success in the profession.
If you are interested in learning more about a career in Nutrition and Dietetics, I would enjoy the opportunity to discuss this exciting profession with you. If you have already made the decision to join the Nutrition and Dietetics program, I welcome you to this exciting field of study and look forward to working with you to achieve the highest level of learning and success possible.



Susan M. Hughes, MS, RD, LDN

Louisiana Tech University Didactic Program Director

Professional Liability Insurance Guide Sheet


1.       Go to


2.      Where it says, “SELECT YOUR PROFESSION,” select Student and click continue.


3.      In the box that reads “STEP 1 – PLEASE SELECT PROFESSION,” select Student/Non-physician.


In the box that reads, “STEP 2 – PLEASE SELECT AN ASSOCIATION,” select American Dietetic Association (ADA).


Click Instant Quote, and the next page is “GETTING STARTED.”


4.       Fill out the boxes as follows:


Enter the date effective – 09/01/2010.


For PROMO CODE select School/classmate.


For PRACTICE TYPE select Student.


For STATE OF PRACTICE, select Louisiana.


For MEMBERSHIP ID, You must be a student member of the ADA

If you are not a member, go to, click on “For Students”, the “Joining ADA”, then “Online Membership Application”.  Complete the form – fee is $50.


5.       For OCCUPATION, select dietitian.  Then click continue.


6.      For the Quick-Quote, click the “select” directly above $20.


7.      Now fill in the application and pay with your credit card.


8.   Print a confirmation.