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School of Forestry Faculty and Staff.
Every year our students volunteer to collect money for St. Jude's Children's Hospital.
Students are encouraged to create posters and enter them in poster competitions.
Faculty, Staff and Students gather for a get acquainted supper.
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Reese Hall on South Campus.
Forestry Hosts FFA Career Development Event Every Fall.
Faculty assist students with advising.
Conclave 2013: Men's Bow Saw, Isaac Moore.

Forestry (BSF)

The College of Applied and Natural Sciences annually awards grants to students and faculty for innovative instruction, research, and travel to present their research.  The following lists the students and faculty receiving awards during 2017-2018.  Thank you to the generous donors/alumni who provided support!

PI/Co-PI ANS Unit Project Title
Fontenot, Catherine HEC Integrated Program Learning

Haskins, Tara

Blake, Dewanna

Nursing Adult Neuro/Psychosocial Health Maintenance
Holderieath, Jason AGSC/FOR Materials for creating illustrative videos with agricultural economics content
Keith, Ashley AGSC/FOR Assessing Internal Parasite Loads of Sheep and Goats in Animal Science Courses



Pl/Co-Pl ANS Unit Project Title
Gentry, Laura AGSC/FOR Effects of IM dexamethasone on the retention of dominant follicles in cyclic mares
Hindmarsh, Patrick BISC Nuclear targeted ROS sensitive GFP
Liang, Chen HIIM Distributional semantics to characterize cognitive patterns in HIV/AIDS online community




Student Name

Faculty Sponsor

ANS Unit

Project Title
Morin, Casey Clay, Natalie Deadwood and Bluestain Fungi (Ascomycota:Ophiostomatoid) impacts on Ant Communities in a Southeast Pine Forest
Stutz, Cassandra Gentry, Laura Equine HERDA:  Determining Kidney Elasticity
Jones, Claire Hindmarsh ,Patrick An analysis of Production of Reactive Oxygen Species in Candida Albicans Using mutated yeast enhanced GFP as a Biosensor
Williams, Haley Keith, Ashley & Green, William Evaluating the interactions of Temperament and Weaning Methods on Calf Performance
Barnett, Haley Newman, Jamie Utilizing SREBP1C Antibody for Qualitative Analysis of Adipogenic Differentiation in Human Mesenchynmal Stem Cells
Liu, Mengcheng Newman, Jamie The role of Notch3 in stem cell state
Straub, Joseph Newman, Jamie The role of Med31 in mesenchymal stem cell differentiation
Venigalla, Sree Newman, Jamie Role of MED31 in Maintaining Structural Integrity of the Mediator Complex in Adiopse-derived Stem Cells






Student Name Student Name 2 Faculty Sponser - ANS Unit Project Title
Gruntz, Connor
  Clay, Natalie
Absoription of Low-levels of Sodium by Plants in a Riparian System
Baldwin, Will
  Hindmarsh, Patrick
Designing Cyan Fluoroscent Protein for Expression in Candida albicans
Heinz, Drake
  Hindmarsh, Patrick
Candida albicans Plasmid Project
McDougal, Matt
  Hindmarsh, Patrick
Using a modified Yellow Flourescent Protein (YFP) to study the importance of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in antibiotic and antifungal activity with Escherichia coli and Candida Albicans
Murphy, Kathryn
  Hindmarsh, Patrick
Developing Citrine and Venus Yellow Fluorescent Proteins
Wong, Jonathan
  Hindmarsh, Patrick Using a reactive oxygen Species Sensitive GFP to Detect Antibiotic/Antifungal Functions
Stewart, Shaye  Lingo, J. Colby Keith, Ashley & Green, William Determining the Effects of Weaning Methods on Circulating Glucose in beef Calves
Hudson, Kristen   Nestorova, Gergana Effect of oxidative stress on the rate of mitochondria DNA damage and repair
Cambre, Jacob   Newman, Jamie The Role of Notch 3 in Regulating Stem Cell State
Eddy, Rachel   Newman, Jamie Optimization and Characterization of the Osteogenic Differentiation of Human Adipose-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells on Tailorable Hydrogel Scaffolds
Osmun, Michael   Newman, Jamie The Role of MED31 in the Regulation of Mesenchymal stem Cell State
Pursell, India   Newman, Jamie Optimization of PPAR immunofluorescence for Tissue Engineering Applications


Applied and Natural Sciences annually awards travel grants to faculty to present their research.  Thank you to all the generous donors/alumni who provided support!





Anguah, Katherene
Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo (FNCE), Chicago, IL
October 21-24, 2017
Barrow, Katie
HEC 2017 National Council on Family Relations Conference, Orlando, FL November 12-18, 2017
Blake, Dewanna NURS American Psychiatric Nurse Association, Phoenix, AZ October 19-22, 2017
Clay, Natalie BISC Entomological Society of America Meeting, Denver, CO November 5-9, 2017
Heiden, Kathleen HEC AAFCS Annual Conference, Atlanta, GA June 23-28, 2018
Maness, Terri BISC Annual meeting of the Southeastern Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, Louisville, KY October 29-November 1, 2017
Roberson, Sherrie NURS Elsevier Nursing Education Conference 2018, Las Vegas, NV January 3-6, 2018
Voziyanov, Yuri BISC CSHL Meeting "The Biology of Genomes", Cold Springs Harbor, NY May 7-12, 2018