Forestry Hosts FFA Career Development Event Every Fall.
Every year our students volunteer to collect money for St. Jude's Children's Hospital.
Graduating seniors who are SAF members receive a free ring from Society of American Foresters.
Conclave 2013: Men's Bow Saw, Isaac Moore.
Reese Hall on South Campus.
Faculty assist students with advising.
Xi Sigma Pi Forestry National Honor Society Initiates.
Students are encouraged to create posters and enter them in poster competitions.
School of Forestry Faculty and Staff.
Faculty, Staff and Students gather for a get acquainted supper.

Forestry (BSF)








Carlton Rojas NP


Carlton Rojas


My name is Carlton Rojas and I am a graduate of the LPN to RN Extension Program at Louisiana Tech University from the Class of 1999.  I started my career in healthcare as a tech in the ICU and Emergency Department. I then worked for three years as an LPN on telemetry.  After graduating from Louisiana Tech, I worked as a registered nurse at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. While there, I worked in various departments including trauma ICU, pediatric ICU, and the Emergency Department. While in TN, I obtained my BSN from Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, KY.

In 2004, I began my career as a flight nurse in Texas. I continued to do flight nursing full time while I pursued my MSN at the University of Texas at Arlington. In 2011, I graduated with my MSN in the Family Nurse Practitioner Program. I continued on for another year to obtain my certification as an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner as well.  Since that time, I have continued to work in various emergency departments and critical care units as a nurse practitioner. I really enjoy being a Critical Care Nurse Practitioner. I have a huge amount of autonomy. I manage high acuity patients and perform advanced procedures as a nurse practitioner. I continue to be involved in EMS with education and speak at various conferences. I continue to keep active my CCRN, CEN, CFRN, and EMT- Paramedic certifications. I have always worked in high acuity, high paced, dynamic environments.

After 20 plus years I still love every minute of it. I owe this to the fact that several years ago a physician instructed me to obtain a few hobbies to escape the chaotic world of Emergency/ Critical Care. I have found my escape in the outdoors and enjoy spending time on various trails and rivers hiking and kayaking. I am currently obtaining certifications in Wilderness Medicine to seek future job opportunities in this developing specialty. Although I have advanced my education since graduating from Louisiana Tech, I owe my foundation to their nursing program.

Carlton Rojas, MSN, APRN, FNP, ACNP








Clint Pepper

I am Clint Pepper and a proud Nursing graduate of Louisiana Tech University. In 2001, I graduated after 3 years of the best undergraduate nursing training in the country. As an 18 year old kid from Fairview Alpha in North Natchitoches Parish, I started a journey with no idea where it would lead. Never really having experienced the demands and expectations of such an intense curriculum, I gained life experience far beyond patient care and drug calculations.


After graduation, I spent the next six years working in cardiovascular (CV)- telemetry, CV ICU, and ER building experience that has been critical in my growth as a professional. I completed my bachelor of science degree in 2007 and graduated from Texas Christian University School of Nurse Anesthesia in 2010. I can say with absolute certainty that my success at this level came in large part from the preparation I received at Louisiana Tech. The faculty and staff expected a product that I wasn’t sure I was capable of providing. Although challenging, that first step in my professional career has been essential to reaching my ultimate goals.

As a new CRNA I worked at Baton Rouge General for three years where I gained experience in multiple aspects of anesthesia including cardiac, burn, general, obstetric, and regional anesthesia as well as assisted in the training of many CRNA students. In 2013, I accepted an offer to become a member of the anesthesia team at St Francis Medical Center in Monroe, LA. Today, I provide anesthesia services to Northeast Louisiana residents with the pride of having the best training offered in our country as a Louisiana Tech graduate.

I have been blessed beyond measure with a beautiful wife Sarah who is also a Tech grad, a daughter Addisyn, and two sons Clyde and July. Sarah and I are extremely proud of our accomplishments and understand that being alumni of Louisiana Tech University is an honor and a privilege. As for me, being an accomplished certified REGISTERED NURSE anesthetist was only possible by first becoming a LA TECH NURSE and I thank God that he led me on this journey starting at Louisiana Tech.






Wes Madden




My name is Wesley Madden and I am proud graduate of the Louisiana Tech Division of Nursing. In 1999, I enlisted in the United States Coast Guard where I was trained as an Avionics Technician on HH-60 Jayhawk helicopters. I received extensive training in technology and learned how to troubleshoot electrical and flight control systems. During this time I also participated in search and rescue missions and learned that I wanted to find ways to help others. As my family grew, I made the decision to return to Ruston and pursue a career in nursing. It was due to the encouragement I received from the wonderful faculty and staff at Louisiana Tech that allowed me to think outside of the traditional boundaries of nursing and explore how I could marry my technological background with patient care.



After completing my degree in Nursing at Louisiana Tech, I went on to work at St. Francis Medical Center in Monroe, LA as a Surgical Intensive Care nurse. While gaining invaluable bedside experience, I was also involved in Electronic Health Initiatives as a super user and implementation team member. I began to see that I still enjoyed working with technology and I had the opportunity to effect change for all of the other clinicians in my area with improved documentation and workflow. After transitioning to P & S Surgical hospital, I was once again part of an electronic medical record initiative. This continued to spur my interest in clinical analytics and I began looking for opportunities to learn more. I completed my bachelor’s degree in nursing as I transitioned to a full time position in the Information Technology department at Jefferson Regional Medical Center in Pine Bluff, AR. While working at Jefferson I was fortunate to have the opportunity to be involved with their medical device integration project. I witnessed an immediate positive impact to clinicians all over the hospital. Using DevicConX software we were able to automate the flow of device data from all of the devices connect to their patients. This allowed clinicians to spend more time with their patients and that inspired me to look further into this technology. I ultimately accepted a position with iSirona, a medical device integration software company that designed DevicConX, as a Clinical Analyst and Clinical Design consultant. During this time I traveled the United States and implemented DeviceConX and continued to see the need for medical device integration in all aspects of care ranging from large research institutions down to rural clinics and hospitals. iSirona continued to grow and afforded me the opportunity to advance to become the Vice President of Sales Support. It was here that I began to travel the world to sell DeviceConX. I have now had the opportunity to see how healthcare is being practiced in many other countries including China, Denmark and Singapore. In 2014 iSirona was acquired by NantHealth, a transformational healthcare company. I have had the opportunity to work with visionary leadership that is taking medical device integration to the next step. We are continuing to work to achieve the ultimate vision of delivering a connected health care community.



I am fortunate to be a generational alumni with the Louisiana Tech family. As the son of two Louisiana Tech alumni, our family has been blessed by the education and firm foundation that has been provided in this community by Louisiana Tech. My wife, who is also a Louisiana Tech alumna, and I now have 4 children who all attend school on the Louisiana Tech campus as well. We currently have three children at A.E. Phillips Lab School and one beginning her Louisiana Tech journey at the Early Childhood Education Center. We are grateful for the opportunities that Louisiana Tech has provided us and for the continued impact that it makes in the Ruston community and around the world.







Committee Membership
2013 - 2014


Division Monthly Faculty Meeting

All Faculty & Nursing Resource Coordinators
Student Rep: (114) Jeff Treat and Stacy Smith (will alternate months)
                    (Alt.) Kylie Dennis
Safety Officer
Pam Todd
ATI/Technology Coordinator
Patti McFadden
Recruitment Coordinator
Tanya Sims
Curriculum Committee
Sarah McVay
Carol Owens
Nancy Darland
Patti McFadden
Gail Crawford

Dewanna Blake

Student Rep. (210) Brennan Wiggins
                   (Alt.) Laura Chevalier
Committee for Faculty and Staff Enhancement
Paula Books
Shirley Payne
Carol Owens
Dewanna Blake
Resources Committee
Nancy Darland
Patti McFadden
Dewanna Blake
Shirley Payne
Pam Todd
Student Rep.: (114) Jamie Forgey
                     (Alt) Matt Petrus
                     (210) Holly Sikes
                     (Alt) Corinthia Brenner
Committee for Student Enhancement
Tara Haskins
Tanya Sims
Mary Wilson
Pam Todd
Student Rep.: (SNA President) Jasmine Polk                
                    (SNA Breathrough to Nursing) Laura Chevalier
Mission and Administrative Capacity
Donna Hood
Tanya Sims
Tara Haskins
Outcomes Committee
Gail Crawford
Tara Haskins
Paula Books
Sarah McVay
Nancy Darland
Donna Hood
Web Page Coordinator
Mary Wilson
SNA Advisors
Paula Books
Tanya Sims
Patti McFadden
ANS Committees
Paula Books - Experiential Education
Dewanna Blake - Faculty Advisory to the Dean
Patti McFadden/Nancy Darland - Moodle
Tara Haskins - Research
Tanya Sims - Tenure & Promotion
Carol Owens - UPC and Grievance/Appeals
Patti McFadden - Joomla
University Committees
Donna Hood - Academic Renewal
Donna Hood - Health Sciences Advisory
Donna Hood - University Safety
Donna Hood - IPC
Dewanna Blake - University Senate
Tara Haskins - University Threat Assessment
Nancy Darland - University Honor Council
Nancy Darland - ULS Service Learning Counci







Fourteen students and three Nursing Advisors represented the Louisiana Tech University SNA Chapter at the Louisiana Association of Student Nurses (LASN) 2017 Annual Convention in Baton Rouge October 5-8, 2017. The LASN Board for 2016-17 included Division of Nursing graduate Caleb Faul, President, current Division nursing students Region I Director Casey Henley, Historian, Jayln' Hampton, and Professor Tanya Sims as Presidential Consultant.

LASN 2016-17 Presidential Consultant Tanya Sims was a speaker to the Council of Student Leaders on Successful Leadership. SNA Faculty Advisor Sarah McVay served as a speaker on Pediatric Nursing, and Professor Nancy Darland was an invited speaker on Legal Testimony for Nurses.

Louisiana Tech University was honored with four LASN Awards at the Convention: Best Representation of SNA Activities, The Image of Nursing Award, SNA Chapter with the Most Community Health Projects, and Best Creative SNA Scrapbook.

SNA member Kirsten Jackson was the recipient of the LASN Academic Scholarship.

Two Louisiana Tech University Nursing Students were elected to the LASN Board for the upcoming year. Victoria Self was elected as 2017-2018 Region 1 LASN Director, and Casey Henley was elected for 2017-2018 LASN Parliamentarian.








SNA is the professional organization for nursing and pre-nursing students at Louisiana Tech University. It is the local affiliate chapter of the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA). Here at Louisiana Tech, SNA participates in activities on campus, as well as in the community. It is SNA's goal to launch the nursing student's career through knowledge, scholarship, and comradery.

Pre-nursing students are welcomed and encouraged to join SNA.

SNA Officers 2018-19 

SNA Board



     Top left to right:  Mary Lloyd LeBlanc, Hannah Hicks, Katie Welch

2nd row left to right:  Rebekah Landes, Jessie Cruse, Naomi Hill 

Bottom left to right:  Hannah Givens, Abby Puckett


Board Members as follows:

President: Abby Puckett
Vice President: Hannah Givens
Treasurer: Naomi Hill
Community Service: Jessie Cruse
Secretary: Hannah Hicks
Historian: Mary Lloyd LeBlanc
Parliamentarian: Rebekah Landes
Break Through to Nursing: Katie Welch

 Faculty SNA Advisors: Melissa Madden, Sarah McVay, Tanya Sims 







 In Costume for LASN 2016 Opening Night Party





Caleb Faul, NURS 210 student and Chapter President of Louisiana Tech University SNA, is the newly-elected President of the Louisiana Association of Student Nurses (LASN)


Congratulations, Caleb! We are proud of you and know you will lead LASN to great things in the upcoming year!









Fall 2013


Nursing 110 Community Service

Safety Day at Ruston Fire Department

Safety at the Fire Station 004


   Safety at the Fire Station 020     Safety at the Fire Station 063   





The Division of Nursing at Louisiana Tech University recently received a $62,452.00 grant from the Student Technology Fee Board to purchase a new CAE Healthcare METIman® High-Fidelity Adult Manikin Nursing Version with Müse® software interface.The new simulator has arrived and is being used in nursing classes for clinical simulation.









Nursing 210 students engaged the crowd at the Bulldogs Tackling Breast Cancer (BTBC) football game on October 6, 2012 at Joe Aillet Stadium entrances with educational resources courtesy of the Northeast Central Chapter of Susan G. Komen for the Cure.  With a focus on health promotion through Service Learning, breast cancer awareness took on an artistic twist, by pink canvases painted by   NURS 210 student Angela Cassels. Each canvas depicted a tree with branches, completed with “leaves”, being the fingerprints of participants engaging the awareness table.  This marks the third consecutive year that NURS 210 students have been an active part of BTBC by engaging game attendees with an educational outreach, coordinated by Tanya Sims, Associate Professor in the Division of Nursing.


NURS 210 Students (L to R) Savannah Landers, Rachel Edwards, Lindsay Katt, and Chelsea Ray at the East gate of Joe Aillet Stadium.

 Nursing 110 Students at C.R.E.S.T. (Center for Rehabilitation Engineering, Science  and Technology)


Fall 2012 Nursing 110 Class at Safety Saturday


LASN Convention 2012

Congratulations to Krystal Hunt, LASN Region II Director (Being pinned by Mae Flager)


Congratulations to Ashley Frazier  "SNA Best Overall Community Service Award, Best Image of Nursing Presentation" LASN Convention 2012  


Nursing 216 Extension Students Simulation Post Conference with Mrs. Payne

Fall 2012


Fall 2012 METI Simulation Day - Nursing 216 Extension


New Nursing Simulation Lab with One-Way Mirror

Fall 2012 Nursing Convocation -Mrs. Pam Moore MSN, RN, Director

Nursing 114 Students after METI Simulation Spring 2012

Spring 2012 Nursing 114 Class METI Simulation


                           Nursing 116 METI Man Simulation Winter 2012                                 


Nursing SNA Career Day January 2012


 Nursing 114 Preparation for Nursing 110 Welcome Breakfast


Nursing 110 Spring 2012


 AHEC day recruitment 2012