Tech Farm Sale 2016

Event Contact:

Dr. William H. Green

(318) 257-3275


The 46th Annual Louisiana Tech University Farm Production Sale

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Sale Time: 1:00 p.m.


Beef Heifers, Finished Market Steers, Hogs, Horses and more


New Sale Map


Black Baldy Heifers


Black Baldy 1Black Baldy 2Black Baldy 3Black Baldy 4


Brahman/Angus F-1 Heifers


F-1 5F-1 2F-1 3F-1 4F-1 1






Lot 56 Bud 1



 Lot 56 Bud 2Lot 56 Bud 3Lot 56 Bud 4Lot 57 Sashayin Seven 1Lot 57 Sashayin Seven 2Lot 57 Sashayin Seven 3Lot 57 Sashayin Seven 4Lot 58 TNR Cheers 1Lot 58 TNR Cheers 2Lot 58 TNR Cheers 4Lot 59 Doc Freckles Glory 1Lot 59 Doc Freckles Glory 2Lot 60 Docs Lil Freckles 1Lot 60 Docs Lil Freckles 2