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“Dr. Joshua Adams and Wesley Palmer are working with the Houston, TX based company, Tree Nutri™, to investigate the restoration of campus trees and methods for accelerating seedling growth. Using their skillsets of plant physiology and drone technology, they are using novel technologies to assess how trees respond to various treatments.”


Figure: (left) Tree Nutri™ employee, Tony Cornejo, using a Tree Nutri™ Hydrojet to drill holes to fill with blended fertilizer around a campus tree and (right) Spatial Data Lab UAV student researcher, Andrew, flying a drone around treated tree to monitor fertilizer effect.


Private Grant Awarded to Collaborative Research Effort August 2016

An interdepartmental collaboration between faculty members in Biological Sciences (Natalie Clay) and Agricultural Sciences and Forestry (Joshua Adams, Ashley Keith, Paul Jackson, and Gordon Holley)...(more)

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One of the three statewide Louisiana Nursery and Landscape Association (LNLA) scholarship winners came from our very own School of Agricultural Sciences and Forestry at Louisiana Tech. Mr. Maverick Fontenot (Agricultural Business/Plant Science student) won a $1,000 award and plaque. He received the award January 21 at the LNLA Breakfast held in conjunction with the Gulf States Horticultural Expo in Mobile, AL. It is Maverick's second time to win the award. We are proud of his accomplishment. Congratulations!


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 On Saturday, February 13, we held the 2016 Home Gardening Workshop at Lomax Hall. The theme of the third annual workshop was "Raised Bed and Container Gardening". There were 93 attendees from the community, which is our biggest turn out so far. Dr. Paul Jackson coordinated the event and gave presentations on the advantages and disadvantages of raised bed and container gardens and maintenance requirements. Dr. Maureen Hillard presented information on soil mixes and Mr. Waggoner Russell presented information on materials to use and construction techniques. We thank all of our sponsors for donating 26 door prizes and especially to Irrigation-Mart for providing the refreshments.