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Private Grant Awarded to Collaborative Research Effort


An interdepartmental collaboration between faculty members in Biological Sciences (Natalie Clay) and Agricultural Sciences and Forestry (Joshua Adams, Ashley Keith, Paul Jackson, and Gordon Holley) and a private investment from Mr. Richard Fewell, will investigate the use of all-natural wood products for efficacy as a pest repellent. Dr. Joshua Adams is a forest specialist and the collaboration leader, Dr. Natalie Clay is an entomologist, Dr. Ashley Keith is an animal nutritionist, Dr. Paul Jackson is an agricultural plant scientist, and Gordon Holley is an Economist. In addition to the faculty involved, students will also be involved in this research, including Biological Sciences undergraduate, Jesse Cone, and Biological Sciences graduate student, Casey Morin. Together with their large array of skill sets, they will test the new pest repellent product across a diverse set of insect pests.