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Dr. Joshua P. Adams

Assistant Professor

Silviculture and Forest Genetics


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Mailing Address: School of Forestry, Louisiana Tech University, P. O. Box 10138, Ruston, LA 71272

Physical Address (for deliveries): School of Forestry, Louisiana Tech University, 1501 Reese Drive, Ruston, LA 71272

Office Location: South Campus, Lomax Hall, Room 13

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FOR 417 Bottomland Hardwoods

FOR 231 Dendrology I

FOR 232 Dendrology II

FOR 233

Forest Trees of North America

FOR 302  Silviculture I

FOR 320

Silviculture II



PhD, Mississippi State University, 2010 – Forest Resources – Molecular Genetics

Dissertation Title: Poplar Interactions with Zinc for use in Bioremediation and Monitoring

MS, Mississippi State University, 2005 – Forestry – Quantitative Genetics

Thesis Title: Incorporating Genetic Effects into Loblolly Pine (Pinus taeda L.) Growth and Yield Models

BS, Louisiana Tech University, 2003 – Forestry – Forest Management




2012-13 Faculty Service and Achievement Award University of Arkansas at Monticello,  School of Forest Resources.

2008 College of Forest Resources PhD Student Award

2008 Moehring Outstanding PhD Graduate Student in Forestry Award

2007 MSU Division of Agriculture, Forestry, and Veterinary Medicine 2007 Point of Pride

2007 Louisiana Tech University 2007 “Tech Triumph”

2005 College of Forest Resources Master Student Award

2005 Moehring Outstanding Master Graduate Student in Forestry Award

2003 USDA Forest Service Math and Science Award

2002 Louisiana Tech Undergraduate Poster Award

2002 American Future Farmers of America Degree

2002 Louisiana Society of American Foresters Outstanding Student Award

2001 Outstanding Freshman Forestry Major


Research Interests


My overall research goal is to explore tree-environmental interactions. Three specific research areas from which I am pursuing my overall goal are 1) relating genetic advances to tree physiology in a changing environment, 2) testing the productivity of genetically advanced trees, and 3) determining optimal silviculture prescriptions for a changing forest landscape.


Peer-reviews Manuscripts


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