Basic PCR Methods
by Dr. Jeff Shultz

About the Student Book

The Basic PCR Methods laboratory manual and supporting appendices can be downloaded from the link below. The laboratory manual contains 24 different procedures designed to illustrate basic PCR concepts and to promote independent problem-solving skills. Each lab poses a question about PCR and provides a list of materials the student may use to investigate the question.

Additional Information

Supplemental material available to instructors includes answers to post-lab questions, lab set-up information, 82 assessment questions and answers, 22 Powerpoint slides, a sample syllabus, experiment set-up illustrations and example results for most labs. These Instructor-specific materials are available from Dr. Shultz via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Printing Suggestions

The book is provided as a single PDF file. You can simply print it out (it is designed to be printed on both sides) and place it in a binder. When I use this book as part of a course, the front and back covers are printed on plain index paper and no color is used. A spiral binding lets it lay flat on the benchtop, which is convenient. This book is meant to be kept by the student in its entirety – the only pages that should be removed are the lab safety checklist/lab practical page.

About the Author

Dr. Shultz has performed over 150,000 successful, basic PCR reactions in the last 15 years. From RAPD screening of pea lines, creating a genetic map of chickpea (Cho et al., 2002), screening a soybean BAC library for microsatellites (Shultz et al., 2003; Shultz et al., 2006a; Shultz, 2005; Shultz et al., 2007b; Shultz et al., 2006b), improving six maps of soybean with RAPDs, microsatellites and SNPs (Kazi et al., 2006; Kazi et al., 2008; Seversike et al., 2008; Shultz et al., 2008; Shultz et al., 2007a; Shultz et al., 2007c), designing and testing microsatellite markers in pea and soybean (Decaire et al., 2011; Shultz et al., 2007b), introducing students to primer design (Shultz, 2008; Shultz, 2011) and implementing a semi-direct method of sequencing, he has extensive experience with the polymerase chain reaction procedure.

Pay it Forward

So here is the deal – This book is FREE. How much does it cost to download? Nada. It has taken several years of hard work to develop, but it was designed to save students money and give the most practical experience possible. If you have kids, are barely making ends meet or simply can’t afford it – don’t read on……………..If however, you appreciate the freebie and you, for instance, pay $3-4 for a cup of coffee on a regular basis, then please make a $5 donation using the link below. The funds collected go towards helping students at Louisiana Tech who are nearly finished with their degree and are in short-term financial distress. Any amount you can give will be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU!

The Basic PCR Methods laboratory manual can be found here.





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