Bird Communities (Dr. Dickson)

Bird Communities of the James Lake Birding Trail, 2008.



A census of breeding birds was taken 7 times at 3 established points along the James Lake Birding Trail from 18 May to 1 June 2008 according to procedures described in the study proposal. One fall census was conducted on 8 September. Winter 2008-09 censuses were initiated in December. Procedures and results of the study were employed to educate Louisiana Tech forestry and wildlife students.  



For the breeding bird censuses a mean of 15 species was detected per count. A total of 31 species were detected on all 7 counts.  The most abundant species detected in decreasing order of abundance were: American crow, northern cardinal, red-bellied woodpecker, northern mockingbird, Carolina wren, Red-winged blackbird, blue jay, tufted titmouse, white-eyed vireo, chimney swift, orchard oriole, eastern kingbird, yellow-billed cuckoo, wood duck, barn swallow, great blue heron, European starling, brown thrasher, Carolina chickadee, pileated woodpecker, great crested flycatcher, blue grosbeak, eastern bluebird, fish crow, red-shouldered hawk, yellow-breasted chat, yellow-throated vireo, common grackle, belted kingfisher, purple martin, and red-eyed vireo. Six of these species were detected on one fall count. The study continues.






James Dickson


Target Audiences

Recreational birders, Louisiana Tech students