Faculty and Staff

Dr. William J. Campbell

Director, School of Biological Sciences



KemegeDr. Kyle E. Kemege 


School of Biological Sciences
Office:  CTHL 211
Phone: (318) 257-2664

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 Degree  Institution  Area of Study
 B.A. University of Kansas Biochemistry 
 Ph.D. University of Kansas Biochemistry 


Courses Taught
BISC 130 Biological Principles
BISC 131 Biological Principles Lab
BISC 132 Biological Diversity
BISC 133 Biological Diversity Lab


Dr. Kyle E. Kemege


School of Biological Sciences


I am a Lecturer here at Tech, meaning that I only teach and do not have an active research program.  I am primarily in charge of teaching BISC130 and BISC132 although I have taught a section of BISC101 in the Spring in the past.  I am also the Lab Coordinator for the BISC131 and BISC133 laboratory courses.  These courses are taught by graduate teaching assistants but I manage course policies, submit final grades, order reagents and handle any problems that the graduate students may encounter.
Even though I am not actively managing a research lab of my own, I am still a member of the Graduate Faculty.  This means that I can serve on graduate committees, although I cannot directly mentor/supervise graduate students.  I am a biochemist by training and in the past my research was focused on protein purification, protein structure determination and structure/function relationships.  I studied in a microbiology lab and applied these techniques to understand more about the developmental cycle of Chlamydia trachomatis.  So, if you do end up joining a lab where biochemistry, molecular biology and/or microbiology are areas of focus, I would be able and willing to serve as a member of your advisory committee.