Welcome Dr. Gergana Nestorova


NestorovaThis fall the School of Biological Sciences welcomes new Assistant Professor, Dr. Gergana Nestorova.  Dr. Nestorova earned her BS in Biology from Coastal Carolina University and her MS and PhD in Molecular Science and Nanotechnology from Louisiana Tech University where she developed novel methods and technologies for integrated genomics and proteomics analysis, including DNA sequencing, mRNA purification from low cell numbers, and ELISA techniques for assessment of reactive oxygen species induced DNA damage.  Since completing her PhD in 2014, Dr. Nestorova has been working on a NASA funded project to develop technology for analyzing DNA mutation caused by radiation.  At Tech, Dr. Nestorova will run an active research lab where undergraduate and graduate students will use advanced molecular biology techniques to investigate the role of microRNAs in regulation of post-translation gene expression. Dr. Nestorova will offer courses in the area of proteomics and protein analysis. For additional information on Dr. Nestorova’s research lab visit her webpage at We welcome Dr. Nestorova to the School of Biological Sciences and look forward to the new courses and research experiences she can offer our students.