Biological Sciences Students Awarded Competitive Grants         


The School of Biological Sciences is proud to announce the awarding of competitive grants to three of its students this past December. 


bisc2017newsgrant1India Prusell, an undergraduate in Biological Sciences was awarded a Louisiana Board of Regents Supervised Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) grant to support her work in Dr. Jamie Newman’s lab.  This award provides India with a $4,500 stipend to pursue her work on “The Differentiation of Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells into Cardiomyocytes for Tissue Engineering” as well as $500 to aid in the purchase of reagents for this project.  This is a competitive award amongst undergraduates across the state of Louisiana



bisc2017newsgrant2Claire Jones, Master’s Student in Biological Sciences, and Samuel Saunders, Research Associate in Biological Sciences, were both awarded Sigma Xi Grants in Aid of Research to support their ongoing research projects.  Claire works with Dr. Patrick Hindmarsh researching the response of Candida Albicans to antifungals.  Her proposal titled “An Analysis of Candida albicans response to antifungals using Reactive Oxygen Sensitive GFP” received $475 to help her purchase reagents to complete her thesis project. 


Sam works with Dr. Terri Maness and his proposal titled "Use of Hydrogen 

Sam biscStable Isotopes to Determine Migratory Connectivity in Henslow's Sparrows" received $989. Sigma XI is an international honors research society that aims to promote student and faculty research as well as community outreach. Louisiana Tech University has had 6 recipients of this competitive award since reactivating their chapter in 2013.

Congratulations to these students for their hard work and we wish them luck and success in their research endeavors.