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Fashion Merchandising and Retail Studies Courses

MCS 118: Pattern Application and Construction

Introduction to basic clothing construction and fit. Emphasis on techniques, commercial patterns, and ready-to-wear construction.


MCS 208: Introduction to the Merchandising Industry

Survey of merchandising industry from conception to consumer use. Career assessment and exploration in the MCS industry. Open to non-majors.


MCS 219: Textiles

Study of fiber properties and production of textiles including introduction to basic textile testing and performance evaluation.


MCS 229: Product Quality Analysis 

Analysis and evaluation of apparel product development and manufacturing. Focus on design, style, and construction specifications as related to quality, price, and performance.


MCS 238: Cultural Perspectives in Fashion

Study of meanings of dress and appearance with emphasis on needs of individuals and families with recognition of cultural, aesthetic, economic, and psychological factors.


MCS 248: Fashion Merchandising Software

Computer applications in industry-based software. Focus on design basics and digital portfolio development for merchandising.


MCS 268: Product Design

Preq. MCS 118, 219 and 248. Application of principles related to the creation, fabrication and execution of product design.


MCS 298: Field Study Tour in MCS I 

Preq., Application required. Structured educational field study experiences in merchandising, marketing, and/or design. May be repeated up to three times for credit.


MCS 308: Merchandising Buying and Management

Preq., MCS 208 and ACCT 201. Concepts and theories in buying and management of merchandise in retail organizations.


MCS 326: Promotions

Preq., MCS 248. Techniques and principles in the promotion of products and services for targeted consumer segments, with an emphasis on communication and print media presentation.


MCS 368: Multi-Channel Retailing

Study of and analysis of strategies used by retailers to integrate product marketing wiht empahsis on e-tailing, m-commerce, and direct marketing.


MCS 388: Retail Event Planning and Coordination

Study and application of principles associated with planning, promoting, and coordinating special events for a variety of audiences.


MCS 419: Textile Design

Preq. MCS 268. Study of textile design with an emphasis on industry processes, end-use, product quality, and technology.


MCS 426: Trends in Housing

Social aspects of housing including zoning, government regulations, and purchase considerations.


MCS 429: Global Fashion Retailing

Preq., MCS 208. Domestic and international issues, including legislation and trade regulations that arise among sellers, government, and consumers.


MCS 439: Historic Costume I 

Development of costume prior to 1800 with emphasis on social, economic, and aesthetic influences on its design.


MCS 440: Historic Costume II

Development of costume since 1800, with emphasis on social, economic, and aesthetic influences.


MCS 468: Patternmaking for Apparel

Preq. MCS 268. Flat pattern and draping techniques in developing original design, including an introduction to patternmaking software.


MCS 488: Visual Merchandising 

Preq. MCS 248. Promotion of products through visual merchandising techniques including display, store layout and design.


MCS 498: Field Study Tour in MCS II 

Structured educational experiences in major domestic or international industry centers. Application required.


HEC 267: Practica/Internship/Cooperative Education in Human Ecology

On site, supervised, structured work experiences. Application and program fee required.


HEC 478: Practica/Internship/Cooperative Education in Human Ecology

On site, supervised, structured work experiences. Application and program fee required.