Program Coordinator:
Dr. Amy Yates
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CTH 251

Family and Child Studies Courses 


FCS has a wide-range of courses that cover our three concentration areas (Applied Child Development, Child Life, and Family Science).

We currently offer over 30 courses in topics related to Children, Families, Development, and Relationships. Each concentration requires a unique blend of these courses to effectively prepare students for their future career or graduate school goals.

There are several courses that all Family and Child Studies students take, regardless of concentration:

  • FCS 100: Marriage and Family Relations
  • FCS 201: Introduction to Lifespan Development
  • FCS 210: Family Interpersonal Relationships
  • FCS 255: International Family Studies
  • FCS 320: Family Theory
  • FCS 395: Research Methods in Family and Child Studies
  • HEC 257: Survey of Human Ecology
  • HEC 357: Professional Issues in Human Ecology
  • HEC 478: Practica/Internship/Cooperative Education in Human Ecology

Additionally, each concentration has flexibility with FCS, HEC, free, directed, and restricted elective openings.

For a complete list of Family and Child Studies courses, click here.

To learn more about the requirements for each concentration, go to our FCS Curriculum.