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Dr. Ethel Jones
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CTH 251A


Family and Child Studies

ElizabethBonnett HEC

Elizabeth Bonnett

After the first quarter of my freshman year at Tech, I made the decision to transfer to the School of Human Ecology. I will always be thankful to have made that choice. I feel so at home in Human Ecology and value all the opportunities I have been given over the last few years. More than anything, I love and appreciate our mission: enhancing people’s lives. My own life has been positively impacted by the classes, professors, faculty and students in Human Ecology. Everyone here has a common goal of wanting to make a meaningful impact on the world, and I am honored to be a part of such an effort.


Kaitlyn Heidenkaitlyn

"Choosing to be a part of the School of Human Ecology is one of the best decisions I have made concerning my college career. Since I was a young girl, I have always wanted to help people, and by the time I was a freshman in high school I knew that pursuing a degree in Family and Child Studies would enable me to achieve that dream. As I began my freshman year of college, I discovered that my advisor and the professors of this school wanted to come along side me and help me achieve those dreams. By being an active member of the School of Human Ecology, I have been able to meet people from all walks of life, participate in hands on learning, conduct research related to my field, and give back to the community. Because of these dedicated professors, I am being trained and equipped to leave my collegiate days ready to help the world become a better place. I will forever be indebted to the School of Human Ecology for providing me with so many opportunities to grow into a well-rounded individual."





Fashion Merchandising and Retail Studies

AlliBrister HEC FMRS

Alli Brister


Being a student in the School of Human Ecology means that I am cared for and my success matters. All of the professors, advisors, and faculty create a positive environment and enjoy what they do. This in return, makes students like myself want to strive to be the best and be attentive to what is being taught inside the classroom. Unlike other students, I did not begin my college career in this particular college. I transferred into this college at the end of my sophomore year. I became interested in what Fashion Merchandising and Retail Studies had to offer and felt like it was a better fit for my career goal. I know that I made the right choice. I love participating in the hands on activities in class, having the ability to know fellow classmates due to the small class enrollment, and traveling to places such as New York and Dallas. I am honored to be selected as a featured student for the School of Human Ecology and am grateful for all the privileges this college has allowed me. In return, I hope to encourage others to join this college as I share my personal experience. 



MayaJohnson HEC FMRS

Maya Johnson

When asked how it is being a student in the School of Human Ecology, it triggered something special in my heart. The School of Human Ecology has bridged the gap between me and my future success. It has allotted me friendships, and created a home for me at Louisiana Tech. Here everyone knows me by first name and is always offering a helping hand. Like every major it has its difficulties; however, it challenges the students’ inner professional, and forces he/she into their destiny. It also calls for a strong will and great creativity. Being a student in the School of Human Ecology is challenging, but it is where I belong.





Nutrition and Dietetics, BS

CaitlinFinton HEC

Caitlin Finton: Nutrition and Dietetics (2017)

The school of Human Ecology has given me more than I ever expected. Yes, I am here for college but I have gained so much more than just an education. I have gained confidence in my abilities and developed commutations skills as well as professional skills. I have been constantly encouraged and challenged by my teachers and peers to be the best I can be. I strongly believe we have the greatest staff who love to see their students excel. I will ever loyal be.  








RebeccaRobert HEC

Rebecca Robert


The School of Human Ecology creates a great learning environment while attracting driven, motivated students and supportive faculty. Being a student in the School of Human ecology has given me several

opportunities to engage in collaborative discussion and group work preparing me for the future. Students around me are positive and focused offering a helping hand and advice when it is needed. I like

that the faculty gets to know every student on a personal basis and are more than happy to provide the information and tools needed to be successful while also encouraging me to strive for my best.






 Nutrition and Dietetics, MS

AdrianeWelcker HEC MS NUDIAdriane Welcker

Originally from Columbus, Ohio, I completed my undergraduate studies in Dietetics and Biology at Purdue University in Indiana. After being accepted into the Louisiana Tech Dietetic Internship program, I completed my supervised practice hours in Alexandria, Louisiana while staying busy with graduate classes. After completion of the Dietetic Internship, I felt confident and prepared as I started my career as a Registered Dietitian in long-term care. Throughout the process of becoming a Registered Dietitian and completing my Master's Degree in Dietetics, I have been nothing short of impressed by the School of Human Ecology at Louisiana Tech. The graduate faculty are not only kind and supportive, but also very experienced, providing valuable and constructive feedback throughout the process of working on my research project. The curriculum has challenged me to think beyond the basics of dietetics to incorporate modern research into my practice. I appreciate the continual work of the staff to incorporate the most current and relevant nutrition research into offered classes to make their students more marketable in a competitive field. I feel grateful to have found a graduate program where I am able to grow both personally and professionally while comfortably balancing graduate work and a full-time job.









The School of Hunan Ecology has given me the education and experience needed to succeed within my nutrition field. The extensive curriculum and hands-on experience has challenged me to go beyond the scope of my practice to actively pursue and incorporate the latest techniques and research within my professional career. The support of the professors and faculty has enabled me to thrive as student, and as an educator. As I am completing my education with a Master’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, I am proud to say that not only am I student at LA Tech, but a part of the Human Ecology family.