College of Applied and Natural Sciences
Graduate Student Research Mini-Grants

Funds are available from the College of Applied and Natural Sciences to support research projects of ANS graduate students. To receive funding, students must satisfy eligibility criteria and proposal guidelines.


Student Eligibility:

Graduate students must be enrolled within the College of Applied and Natural Sciences and be unconditionally accepted into an ANS graduate degree program. Students must maintain full-time student status (6 graduate credit hours per quarter) for at least fall and winter quarters 2017-2018.


Graduate Students must have submitted a completed Plan of Study form (GS Form 6). Thesis students must have submitted their thesis proposal with the Thesis Proposal form (GS Form 10). Thesis students who have not yet submitted a proposal can submit a memo from their advisor indicating the advisor has reviewed and approves of the student's thesis project and the mini-grant proposal.


Proposed project must be the student's thesis research project or other research project required as part of an ANS graduate program in which the student is enrolled.


Application Guidelines:

Fill out the application completely. Failure to do so will result in the immediate denial of funding for the project.


The Budget and Justification section should include explicitly and in detail how funds will be used. Requests for funding to pay salaries, student labor, or for gifts or incentives will not be supported. Only travel directly associated with research activities will be considered for funding. Travel to a meeting, even to present research findings, will not be supported. Awarded funds may only be used for items requested and approved in the proposal budget.


When preparing their proposal, students should keep in mind that the review panel may not be experts in the student's field of research. As such, clarity in writing the proposal and budget is important.


Dissemination Expectation:

Recipients of research mini-grants are required to report progress at the College of Applied and Natural Sciences Research Symposium, scheduled for April 12, 2018.


Selection Criteria:

Proposals will be reviewed by the ANS Research Council. Funding of proposals will be based on satisfying eligibility criteria and following proposal guidelines, relevance of the research project, clarity of communication, completeness of proposal budget, and overall suitability for funding. Proposals may be awarded partial funding.


The deadline for applications to be considered for the current round of funding is October 20, 2017 by 3:00 p.m. All funds must be spent before April 1, 2018.


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