Louisiana Tech Greenhouse

Contact Information

Phone Number: (318) 257-2918

E-mail: greenhouse@latech.edu

Current Plants Available

**We stock the salesroom with plants multiple times a week; because of this this list will not always be 100% accurate.



4 O'Clock
Alyssum: Crystals White
Alyssum: Easter Bonnet Deep Pink
Alyssum: Crystals Purple
Angelonia: Blue
Angelonia: White
Balsam: Camellia
Balsam: Topknot
Basil: Fine Leaved
Basil: Italian
Basil: Red Rubin
Brussels Sprouts: Catskill
Brussels Sprouts: Diablo
Cabbage: Red Acre
Celosia: Castle
Celosia: Flamingo Feathers
Celosia: Glorious Yellow
Celosia: Kimono Mix 
Celosia: New Look
Celosia: Pampas Plume
Chenopodium: Cherry Vanilla
Chives: Common
Chives: Fine Leaf 
Chives: Garlic
Chives: Welsh Onion Red
Coleus: Black Dragon
Coleus: Fairway Rose
Cosmos: Cosmic Mix
Dahlia: Collarette Dandy
Delphinium: Qis Dark Blue
Dill: Dwarf Fern Leaf 
Dusty Miller: Candicans
Dusty Miller: Silver Dust
Geraniums: Ivy and Zonal
Lunaria: Annua Mix
Marigold: Bonanza Deep Orange
Marigold: Bonanza Mix
Marigold: Durango Outback
Marigold: Jani Mix
Marigold: Jedi Orange
Marigold: Sunburst Yellow
Mexican Heather
Monarda: Lambada
Monarda: Panorama Mix
Parsley: Evergreen
Parsley: Karusa
Pepper: Emerald Giant 606
Pepper: Big Bertha 606
Pepper: California Wonder 606
Pepper: Sweet Banana 606
Polka Dot Plant: Confetti Mix
Polka Dot Plant: Splash Select Pink
Polka Dot Plant: Splash Select White
Portulaca: Happy Hour Peppermint
Portulaca: Tropical Fruit & Tequila Mix
Salvia: Coral Nymph
Salvia: Fizz Cream
Salvia: Lady in Red
Salvia: Oxford Blue
Snapdragon: Floral Showers Coral
Snapdragon: Montego Sunset
Snapdragon: Rocket Pink
Snapdragon: Snappy Black Prince
Thyme: English
Tithonia: Torch Red
Tomato: Better Boy 
Tomato: Celebrity 
Tomato: Ice
Tomato: Old German
Tomato: Roma 
Tomato: Sweet Million 
Tomato: Tumbling Tom Red 
Tomato: Tumbling Tom Yellow 
Tomato: Big Boy
Verbena: Coral Eye
Wandering Jew 
Zinnia: Sombrero
Zinnia: Starbright Mix
Zinnia: Zahara Double Cherry
Zinnia: Zahara Mix