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Program Coordinator:
Dr. Kathleen Heiden
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318-257-3009 CTH 247

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 Fashion Merchandising and Retail Studies prepares students with the knowledge and skills to work in both the manufacturing and retail areas of business. The program is designed for students having an interest in development, procurement, promotion, and sale of products.

Hands-on Learning

Courses focus on textiles, product quality, consumer selections, buying, promotions, event planning, multi-channel retailing and visual merchandising. The curriculum incorporates hands-on practical experience through class assignments and service learning that incorporates the MCS Computer Design Lab and Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop.

Field Study Experiences

Students receive industry perspective through participation in field experiences. As sophomores students participate in a study tour to explore the various areas in the fashion merchandising and retail studies industry in the Dallas. Students may also participate in the New York study tour as juniors or seniors. Two internships, one as a sophomore and one as a senior, are required in the fashion merchandising and retail studies industry.

Built-in Minor

The field of fashion merchandising and retail studies offers students a variety of career opportunities. The FMRS curriculum provides students with the opportunity for a built-in minor to prepare for a specialized area within the FMRS field. Students may choose to minor in Art, Entrepreneurship, Journalism, or Marketing.