College of Applied and Natural Sciences
Innovative Instruction in
Undergraduate Courses Mini-Grants

The College of Applied and Natural Sciences funds a mini-grant program for all ANS faculty who teach undergraduate courses. The purpose of the grants is to improve the undergraduate education and the undergraduate learning experience in the College. The College has dedicated funds to be used to finance activities, supplies, or equipment that will improve the faculty member's ability to provide a superior learning environment for students. Funds will be awarded through a competitive process with selection by the Faculty Advisory Council to the Dean. Proposals requesting funds should be submitted by October 20, 2017 by 3:00 p.m.


Award Requirements and Priorities:

All ANS faculty who teach undergraduate courses in the College of Applied and Natural Sciences are eligible to apply for funds (individual or group projects are eligible.)


Requested funds must promote development of innovative classroom (including online), laboratory, or field experiences that lead to improved instruction and student learning at the undergraduate level. Once developed, the new activities or approaches must be sustainable. No funds will be provided for classroom projects that would require on-going funds to continue.


Funds may be requested to support such things as purchase of supplies or equipment to be used to improve instruction, laboratory supplies or equipment, or supplies for use in interactive lecture demonstrations or student activities. Requests for cash incentives or gifts of any kind for participants in a project will not be funded.


Funding to support faculty salaries, student labor, or support for others who are not students will not be considered. Requests for support of travel to meetings, short courses, or conferences involving education issues will be considered (travel will be funded only if the proposal contains a clear description of how information gained will be incorporated into undergraduate courses).


A maximum level of support per proposal has not been established, however it is anticipated that several proposals will be funded. Proposals may receive partial funding.


Priority will be given to projects that demonstrate a commitment to innovative strategies that promote student learning, problem solving, and critical thinking.


Priority will also be given to proposals that describe evaluation of the effectiveness of the techniques and use of the results.


Application Guidelines:

Fill out the application completely. Failure to do so will result in the immediate denial of funding for the project.


The Budget and Justification section should include explicitly and in detail how funds will be used. Requests for funding to pay salaries, or for gifts or incentives will not be supported. Awarded funds may only be used for items requested and approved in the proposal budget.  It is suggested that funds requested do not exceed $1000.


When preparing their proposal, faculty should keep in mind that the review panel may not be experts in the faculty's field of research. As such, clarity in writing the proposal and budget is important.


Dissemination Expectation:

Award recipients are required to share their project and outcomes with other faculty in the College with a presentation at the annual ANS Research Symposium, scheduled for April 12, 2018.


The deadline for applications to be considered for the current round of funding is October 20, 2017 at 3:00 p.m.  All funds must be spent before April 1, 2018. Any funds not spent by April 1, 2018, will revert back to the College.


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