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Program Coordinator:
Dr. Kathleen Heiden
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Minor in Fashion Merchandising and Retail Studies

Students may minor in Fashion Merchandising and Retail Studies. A minor requires MCS 208 and 18 additional hours of merchandising courses with at least 9 hours at the 300 or 400 level. Courses may be selected from the following fashion merchandising and retail courses.

  • MCS 219: Textiles
  • MCS 229: Product Quality Analysis
  • MCS 238: Cultural Perspectives in Fashion
  • MCS 248: Fashion Merchandising Software
  • MCS 298: Field Study Tour in MCS I
  • MCS 308: Merchandise Buying and Management
  • MCS 368: Multi-Channel Retailing
  • MCS 388: Retail Event Planning and Coordination
  • MCS 429: Global Fashion Retailing
  • MCS 488: Visual Merchandising
  • MCS 498: Field Study Tour in MCS II