Tech Farm Sales Room

Contact Information

Salesroom: (318) 257-3550

Meats Lab: (318) 257-4220

Plant Department: (318) 257-2918


Salesroom Products

Most products offered by the Tech Farm Salesroom are produced and/or processed by the Department of Agricultural Sciences at Louisiana Tech University. Tech Farm has been selling its products to the general public through the Salesroom since 1977. We strive to provide our customers with quality products and friendly service.

The Louisiana Tech Greenhouses at Lomax Hall produce a large variety of plants for sale. Everything is grown from seed in our own greenhouses. We specialize in vegetable transplants for the home gardener. We also produce a large selection of bedding plants, both annual and perennial, for all seasons. Special emphasis is given to new and unusual introductions each year. Each fall the greenhouses are full of poinsettias being grown for sale during the holidays.