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Dietetic Internship Director:
Vicky Green, PhD, RD, LDN
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Program Description

Louisiana Tech University Dietetic Internship

Second Round Matching for Spring 2018


The Dietetic Internship at Louisiana Tech University has several open positions we will be filling for the Dietetic Internship starting July 6, 2018. Below are guidelines for applying to our program for the second match:


You must have completed DPD verification requirements and received your degree prior to the starting date


You must have a DPD CurriculumGPA of 2.85 or above to be considered


You must have a combined GRE score (verbal + quantitative) of 290 or above to be considered


If you do not meet the above stated criteria you will not be considered for the program.


If you meet eligibility criteria:


Submit your application on DICAS to Louisiana Tech University.


You can use a personal statement already composed for a previously applied to program as long as it includes a response to our required questions.


Three references are required and can be submitted from academic, work, or volunteer references. No personal friend references will be considered.


You do not have to apply to the LA Tech Graduate School before applying on DICAS for the DI. If accepted into the DI program you must then apply and be accepted into the LA Tech Graduate School for final acceptance into the DI. Students who meet DI GPA and GRE score requirements usually meet LA Tech Graduate School requirements for admission.


In order to fill the positions in a timely manner, applications will be reviewed and evaluated based on content provided on DICAS. Supplementary material mailed, faxed, or sent by e-mail will not be considered. Upload all supplementary documents (conformation of GRE scores, resume, city ranking preference) onto DICAS.


Notification for available positions will begin on Thursday, April 12, 2018.


If you have questions on content that was not covered above please e-mail me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. I will not be able to respond to telephone messages due to other commitments.


We look forward to receiving and reviewing your application.



Vicky Green, PhD, RD, LDN

 Dietetic Internship Director

 Louisiana Tech University



Dietetic Internship Program


Applicants to the Louisiana Tech University Dietetic Internship must apply to both the Masters of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics and the Graduate Certificate Program in Nutrition and Dietetics for Summer 2018 as a requirement for applying to the Dietetic Internship for 2018-2019.  There is only one application fee for both programs.  All applicants will receive notification from the Graduate School regarding status of acceptance to the Masters of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics Program.  Only those students who computer match with the LA Tech Dietetic Internship will be notified of acceptance into the Graduate Certificate Program in Nutrition and Dietetics.


For complete program information view the Application Packet at:


Mission Statement

To prepare dietetic interns to become competent entry-level registered dietitian nutritionists who are employed in the field of dietetics; to provide service to their profession and community; while emphasizing research and continuation of graduate studies.


Program Features

• Medical Nutrition Therapy Emphasis
• Eleven month program (July – May)
• Official Louisiana Tech University Calendar is observed
• 1200 hours of supervised practice combined with 15 hours of graduate coursework *
• Except for summer quarter, graduate courses are taken online
• Graduate coursework (if B average earned) leads to the Board of Regents Graduate Certificate in Dietetics
• Summer quarter (July – August) spent on-campus in Ruston
• Fall, winter, and spring quarters (September – May) interns complete practicum assignments in one of three geographical areas in Louisiana (Shreveport, Alexandria, or Ruston/Monroe)
• In each geographic area, interns rotate through a variety of facilities, which may include acute and long-term care, school foodservice, wellness centers, community nutrition programs, dialysis centers, rehabilitation centers, and private practice
• Fulfill practicum hours approximately 32-40 hours per week in facilities
• Fall, winter, and spring quarters require trips to campus for seminar classes approximately ever other week
• Mandatory RD exam review course and score of 80% on practice exams. Five year pass rate of 82% for first time test takers and 94% pass rate within one year following first attempt on the national registration exam for dietitians through the Commission on Dietetic Registration.

*NOTE: Completion of graduate hours is required even if student already holds Master's Degree.

Program Requirements by Quarter

• Summer quarter (July – August)
   o FNU 592C: Internship in Nutrition-Dietetics. (3 hours graduate credit) (Applied towards Master's Degree)
   o FNU 548: Applied Dietetics. (3 hours graduate credit)
• Fall quarter (September – November)
   o FNU 592F: Internship in Nutrition-Dietetics. Practicum. (6 hours graduate credit) (Not applied towards Master's Degree)
   o 3 hour graduate class in Food and Nutrition* or related area approved towards graduate school plan of study.
• Winter quarter (December – February)
   o FNU 592F: Internship in Nutrition-Dietetics. Practicum. (6 hours graduate credit) (Not applied towards Master's Degree)
   o HEC 504C: Methodology in Human Ecology Research. (3 hour graduate credit)
• Spring quarter (March – May)
   o FNU 592F: Internship in Nutrition-Dietetics. Practicum. (6 hours graduate credit) (Not applied towards Master's Degree)
   o 3 hour graduate class in Food and Nutrition * or related area approved towards graduate school plan of study
* Note: At least two of the three quarters, graduate courses must be Food and Nutrition classes

Internship Admission Requirements

• DPD Verification Statement or Letter of Intent
• Minimum curriculum GPA of 2.85
• Minimum GRE score of 290 (quantitative and verbal)
• Admission to the Louisiana Tech University Graduate School for the M.S. in Nutrition and Dietetics degree program prior to DICAS application
• Application and admission to the Nutrition and Dietetics Graduate Certificate Program
• Participation in DICAS
• Participation in Computer Matching with D&D Digital Company
• Completed Louisiana Tech Dietetic Internship Application through DICAS – which includes:
    o Three recommendation forms
    o Letter of application/statement of professional goals
    o Provision of GRE scores
    o Personal resume

Costs (see DI Application also)

• University tuition and fees (quarterly). Estimate of fees are located in the DI Application and can be calculated using the provided link:
• Books and resources
• Travel to facilities, to campus, and to district and state dietetic association meetings
• Health and professional liability insurance
• Physical examination, including Hepatitis B vaccinations and TB tests and other facility required health documentation
• Criminal background check and drug/alcohol screening
• RD exam preparation course
• CPR training





Graduates' Comments

image78"The Louisiana Tech dietetic internship offered rotations customized to fit my interests, clinical floor supervision, and left me feeling fully prepared for a job as a clinical dietitian. Mrs. Erickson was a great mentor and teacher and worked with us to make sure we had the best experiences in our rotations. She continually asks for and uses the input of interns to improve program."
--Adriane Welcker






image003After living in Michigan my whole life, and completing my undergraduate studies at Michigan State University, I was determined to find an internship close to home. While the initial thought of moving south to Louisiana was intimidating, my conversations with Mrs. Erickson reassured me that moving and transitioning into the internship would go smoothly. Upon arrival at Louisiana Tech, I felt welcomed by the staff, students, and the other interns. I received plenty of help arranging housing, planning classes, and organizing my schedule. The internship facilities in Shreveport gave me an amazing experience through two clinical rotations, two management rotations, dialysis, WIC, a diabetes clinic, and an agriculture center. I couldn't be happier with the quality of experience I gained. My preceptors prepared me to the point where I was essentially treated as an entry level RD. They, as a whole, taught me the skills necessary to succeed as a dietitian. The hands-on experience combined with the classes and workshop at Louisiana Tech prepared me to pass the RD exam on the first try. While I never thought I would end up in Louisiana, I couldn't be happier with my internship experience!
-- Amy O'Brien


La Tech photoAfter completing my nutrition undergraduate degree in my home state of Colorado, I was eager for the next chapter of my life to begin in Louisiana! The most memorable aspects of my dietetic internship at Louisiana Tech University include a unique and fulfilling education, great food, and truly amazing people. My preceptors in clinical, community, and food service rotations remain unforgettable. I was provided with practical experience, guidance, and inspiration. The faculty in the LA Tech graduate nutrition program is outstanding and they deeply care about the success of their students. Mrs. Erickson, my preceptors, and Louisiana's captivating culture will always have a special place in my heart.
-- Maggie Chamberlain