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Taylor Nevil



Hello to whomever may be reading this! If someone were to have asked me 4 years ago what I would be doing with my life I guarantee you I would not have said sitting in class learning about pediatric nursing. My name is Taylor Nevils and I am from Baton Rouge, but I would much rather claim Ruston as my home. The reason why I would have never thought I would be where I am today is because I come from a long line of engineers so I was absolutely certain that it ran in my blood! One quarter in and I found out that I was in a completely different boat. It just wasn't for me so I switched to the biology route. A couple years went by and I still didn't know what I was going to do as a career. I have always had a passion for medicine I just wasn't sure what field. I got a phone call from my mom one day and she asked me if I ever thought about nursing before. That night I promise you I stayed up for hours researching every last thing about nursing and I couldn't believe I had never thought about it, it was perfect for me. That following week I was in Dr. Hood’s office talking about how to apply. I remember walking out of that office with this huge grin that I couldn't wipe off my face because I knew at that moment this was where I belonged. 

Months went by and December rolled around and I found the acceptance package in the mailbox. A few more months pass and I was sitting in my first nursing class ever, probably shaking and looking like a deer in headlights. Everyone tells you it will go by so fast, but of course I was so new to the program I didn't believe them. Now looking back I can't believe I only have 2 more quarters till graduation.  

Now, I will not be the first to tell you that it takes a lot more than good notes and reading till your eyes pop out to learn how to become a great (future) RN. It takes an amazingly passionate group of professors and faculty that will do as much as they possibly can to help you and your classmates succeed. The faculty is truly the glue that holds this program together and we would not be the nursing students we are today without them.

Nursing is such a unique field with endless opportunities and it definitely takes a special type of person to advocate and care for another human being. Anyone in this field will tell you that there are going to be many stressful nights where making another pot of coffee at 1 a.m. and talking about how much blood got on your shoes in the OR is just a normal thing. I love this program and looking back now I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.



Logan Dallalio 



 “Being a student nurse and getting to work for the Division of Nursing in the simulation lab has been both beneficial and helpful in my understanding and application of what I have learned in class and in clinicals.  While working in the simulation lab I have learned how to setup and use the Med-Dispense system and bring it back to functional use. I have to get the supplies together for practice labs and return demonstrations which helps keep the skills I learned sharp.  Working in this setting also allows me to run the Meti-Man for more realistic simulations.  I love working with the faculty and staff of the Division of Nursing and I will always appreciate these experiences.”