Rebekah Magee was homeschooled as a teenager growing up in Pineville and feels as if she’s homeschooled now at Louisiana Tech as a graduate student in the University’s Biology Program.

Rebekah Magee“Tech’s professors have gone out of their way to show how much they care,” she said. “Graduate classes are pretty small here, so I feel like they’ve gotten to know me personally and that they really care about my academic success.”

After earning her undergrad degree in Biology and Chemistry at Louisiana College in her hometown, “I felt like I needed to do more,” said Magee, a second-year grad student. “Graduate school has given me more options; I’ll be more suitable for many jobs that I wasn’t prepared for before, and if I ever decided to pursue a PhD, I’ll be more ready for it.”

Time management of her thesis work, classwork, and taking undergraduate labs has been a challenge, she said. But her passion for science and the ultimate payoff of an advanced degree makes it worth the effort.

“I love science,” Magee said. “It allows us to understand the underlying mechanisms of what we need to live and the systems that surround us.”