A student holding a young Alligator during an annual SEAFWA meeting.
A student getting hands-on experience in falconry during Wildlife Conclave.
A female White-tailed Deer and her fawn caught by a game camera.
A Copperhead snake making its way to shelter.
A Red-eared Slider crossing a quiet gravel road.
A White-eyed Vireo caught in the South Campus Arboretum. (A photo by Colby Sharp)
A curious baby Cassowary making friends with LaTech student.
Students hold an endangered Louisiana Pine Snake during summer camp.
Students holding a Louisiana Pine Snake during a class laboratory.
Students learning how to locate wildlife through radiotelemetry.
A Cedar Waxwing perching on a South Campus Yaupon.
What will you discover as a wildlife student at Louisiana Tech?

Forestry (BSF) – Wildlife Habitat Management Concentration

Wildlife is one of the most enjoyed natural resources of our forestland. However, healthy and productive wildlife populations don’t just happen by accident. With increasing pressures on wildlife and their habitats, modern wildlife professionals must be able to evaluate the sustainability of current management practices, as well as develop and implement scientifically sound conservation and management recommendations.

The Wildlife Habitat Management concentration of the Bachelor of Science in Forestry degree is designed for students who desire scientific knowledge of conservation and management techniques that support sustainable wildlife populations and their habitats. Studies emphasize the life histories, habitat relationships, and habitat management of wildlife species and communities. Students are trained as managers, biologists, naturalists, and researchers through course work, field laboratories, and practical experience with wildlife professionals.

Insights from Recent Graduates


Name: Rodney McKay

Graduation Date: May 2015

Current Position: Louisiana Forester, National Wild Turkey Federation

The Wildlife Habitat Management concentration in the School of Agricultural Sciences and Forestry at Louisiana Tech takes a broad, high level approach to managing ecosystems for multiple wildlife species. This approach prepared me to adapt quickly to diverse management methods, which also helps in working with many different landowners, biologists, and foresters. I know now I can grow partnerships for various projects and provide technical assistance for different situations.

MullinsName: Shana Mullins

Graduation Date: May 2015

Current Position: Graduate Research Assistant, LSUS; YCC Coordinator, Red River National Wildlife Refuge

The Wildlife Habitat Management concentration at Louisiana Tech has helped me become more confident as I continue my education. It has also prepared me for work by teaching me patterns to look for in the field. I feel that the education I recieved from Louisiana Tech adequately prepared me for continuing education, as well as jumping right into the job force.




StogsdillName: Aubrey Stogsdill

Graduation Date: May 2015

Current Position: Forestry/Wildlife Agent, Louisiana Military Department

The Wildlife Habitat Management concentration helped prepare me for my career by giving me a greater knowledge and understanding of wildlife and forest ecosystems. With this knowledge, I feel confident in my job tasks, such as controlling wildlife populations and managing habitat to provide sustainable use by multiple wildlife species.  I give credit to Louisiana Tech’s Wildlife Habitat Management concentration for giving me the opportunity to be able to have a career in a field that I love.


For more information on the Wildlife Habitat Management concentration, contact Dr. Heidi Adams in the School of Agricultural Sciences & Forestry at Louisiana Tech University.