Louisiana Tech Greenhouse

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Phone Number: (318) 257-2918

E-mail: greenhouse@latech.edu

Young vegetable transplants.
Poinsettia "trees"
Undergraduate research involving root growth of pine seedlings in hydroponics.
Representing Louisiana Tech at the Louisiana Nursery and Landscape Association Meeting at the Gulf States Horticultural Expo in Mobile, AL
Jake Reichley, Greenhouse Lab Supervisor, giving a tour to the Ruston Garden Club.
Emily Hartzog, student worker and Agricultural Education major, adding fertilizer to geraniums.
One of the outside hoophouses used for container production.
Winter rose poinsettias
A mix of colorful poinsettias

The Louisiana Tech University Greenhouses were constructed in 1982. With 26 growing rooms that encompass approximately 20,000 square feet of growing space and headhouse area, the facility offers tremendous opportunity to learn about horticultural production in an operational setting. Two full-time Greenhouse Lab Supervisors, Jake Reichley and Macy Register, manage the day-to-day greenhouse operations.  Jake and Macy both graduated from Louisiana Tech with a degree in Agricultural Business/Plant Science. In addition to their education, they bring many years of horticultural experience and advocacy to the greenhouses and the plant science program. A crew of student employees on a part-time rotational schedule assist Jake and Macy throughout the year.


Each year, thousands of seasonal vegetables, annual and perennial bedding plants, poinsettias, herbs, and selective woody plants are grown from seed or cuttings in the greenhouse. In a typical year, the greenhouse staff may grow approximately 50 bedding plant species comprised of up to 200 varieties, 20 herb species comprised of over 30 varieties, 20 vegetable species comprised of over 100 varieties, and 9 varieties of poinsettias. Additionally, an outside container nursery area with two hoophouses and another freestanding greenhouse are located adjacent to the main greenhouse facility that are used to grow perennials, shrubs, and trees for propagation stock, research trials, and student projects. 


One of the main goals at the greenhouses is to educate not only our students but others throughout the community.  College and grade school students, master gardeners, and anyone from the community with a vested interest in learning horticulture can stop by and learn things such as seed germination techniques, fertilization, pest control, and basic greenhouse operation. To be employed as a student worker at the greenhouses, you must be a Tech student enrolled for the quarter you are working.  We do allow volunteers and tours but require notice in advance. For questions about tours or volunteering please call (318) 257-2918.


If you are a student interested in a job at the greenhouses please fill out the application in the "Files" tab and bring it to the Greenhouse Office in the Lomax Hall foyer or email them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .