Student Research

On-Campus Research Opportunities

Student can earn course credit for working in a faculty research lab. Up to 5 hours of BISC360 will count towards Biological Sciences electives. Visit Research Labs to learn more about labs with active research programs.


Summer Research Opportunities

Learn more about summer research opportunities in your field. There are a variety of opportunities including paid experiences. For more information, follow the links below and speak with your advisor.

Environmental Science

Marine Biology
Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium (LUMCON) offers courses and summer internships for undergraduate and graduate students

Health Sciences
Louisiana Biomedical Research Network (LBRN) undergraduate and graduate summer programs for students interested in biomedical research

Baylor SMART Program for students interested in research and a career in medicine:


Students Presentations at International Conferences 

Many Louisiana Tech students conducting faculty-led research have the opportunity to present their work at international conferences. See what some of our students have been working on and where they have shared their findings.


Louisiana Tech Research Presentations

Louisiana Tech hosts some of its own venues where students can present on their research.

Louisiana Tech University Annual Research Symposium
This symposium is held annually and open to undergraduate and graduate students from all disciplines to present their research to faculty, administrators, and peers. Students have the opportunity to be recognized for their research accomplishments and presentation skills in an awards ceremony with the University President. For more information talk with your advisor.

College of Applied and Natural Sciences Research Day
ANS Day is an annual event for the college where students have the opportunity to present their research and learn about other research taking place in the college. On this day students and faculty are also recognized for their success and contributions to the program. Many students who present on this day are also recipients of ANS minigrants, funds awarded to students to support the purchase of supplies for their research experience. For more information on ANS Day and minigrants talk with you advisor.




Sigma Xi GIAR