Allison Brister Burkhardt

Oct 27, 2021

Lake Providence native Allison Brister Burkhardt came to Louisiana Tech University in the Fall 2013 with a plan to become an event coordinator.

“My major was Marketing but when I learned about the Fashion Merchandising and Retail Studies (FMRS) program I quickly changed my major to FMRS with a minor in Marketing,” Burkhardt said. “What I loved most about being a FMRS student was how personal my experience was and the way that hands-on learning was encouraged. The smaller class sizes enabled me to get to know my classmates better.”

Burkhardt and her classmates became like a family as they worked together on group projects, traveled together on field study trips, and planned events within the major.

Since her graduation in 2017, Burkhardt has worked for Aramark Catering at Louisiana Tech as the Press Box and Suites Coordinator and as an Event Coordinator for the Shreveport Convention Center. She currently serves Louisiana Tech as Special Events and Facilities Coordinator.

“I chose event planning because I have a passion for people and a love for celebrations,” Burkhardt said. “It brings me joy to assist in planning events, offering advice, and ultimately relieving stress from clients.”

“Tech became a home that I never wanted to leave,” she said. “Because of my experience as a student, I chose to be an active graduate in order to give others the same Tech experience I had. Getting to work at my alma mater these past few years has been so rewarding.”

Allison Brister Burkhardt