Gonzales native Crystal Levario chose Louisiana Tech because she loved the welcoming environment and abundance of opportunities she saw when she visited campus.

“Looking back at when I first started at Louisiana Tech, I really did not know what I wanted to major in,” Levario said. “I always knew that I wanted to be involved in the medical field, but I could never narrow it down to a specific career. It wasn’t until end of my freshman year that I discovered the medical technology major. Before making this discovery, I had no idea that medical technologists even existed!”

After researching conducting her research and talking with director of the program, Levario knew Medical Techology was for her.

“Flash-forward to now, I am in my senior year and currently in the didactic portion of my clinical year at Baylor Scott and White Hospital in Temple, Texas,” Levario said. “I am truly looking forward to starting my clinical rotations and getting hands-on experience. I credit Louisiana Tech’s curriculum, my professors, and my advisor for my success up until this point, and I am super grateful to Louisiana Tech for having prepared me for this stage of my education.”


Crystal Levario