Hannah Ward

Oct 26, 2021

Hannah Ward of Ruston is a Nursing student at Louisiana Tech University. Her main career goal after graduation is to work in a NICU department in northern Louisiana.

“The more a person needs care, the more excited I am to give it,” Ward said. “In truth, more than anything I simply want to help people. A nurse does not make much of a living on the strong; our role is to be there for those who are compromised, those who are wounded, those who are in pain. I want to be there for those who need care. That is why I chose the path to become a nurse.”

Ward said the most special part of her college experience has been the relationships she has made along the way.

“Whether it be the faculty or my fellow students, so many of them have taught me not only about life and the world around me, but also good deal about myself,” Ward said. “I would not be the person and future nurse I am today without the impact the instructors and those in my nursing cohorts have had on me.”

Hannah Ward