Jackie White

Jackie White works tirelessly for the community as a doctor of Emergency Medicine and director of the Lincoln Parish Health Hut where she strives daily to bring the very best health care to those who may be struggling with how to pay for their care. She has established school-based health care programs throughout the Lincoln Parish School District, advocating for telemedicine protocols that will help keep students from having to leave school and their instructional time. White also gives of her time to the students of Louisiana Tech University, allowing them to shadow her and her staff. White readily engages with community partners as well as the university to improve the health of those who live throughout the parish. She has been recognized as an outstanding volunteer in various capacities, honored for her advocacy around better health care for all. However, she is quick to allow others to have the spotlight, demurely declining opportunities so that others can have their moment to shine. Jackie White is a role model and inspiration to many, especially young women who want to have careers in medicine while also having a family and living a life of purpose while practicing selflessness through service.

Jackie White graduated with a degree in Zoology in 1988 from Louisiana Tech University.