Jasmin Rhodes

Dec 28, 2020

Passionately interested in holistic medical solution, inclusive health care for all, mental health and nutritional education, Jasmin Rhodes is on a mission to save lives.

Jasmin RhodesRhodes entered Louisiana Tech’s Nursing Program in Spring 2019. However, her journey to become an advocate for wellness started as a high school student who earned her associate’s degree in science before graduating from high school.

Rhodes chose to attend Louisiana Tech University because of her early exposure to the University’s strengths through the experiences of her mother, Gladys Adams-Rhodes, a Tech graduate.

“I love the close relationship I have developed with the Nursing staff and the professional investments my instructors make to ensure I remain on track to achieve my goal of becoming an exceptional nurse,” Rhodes said. “To be surrounded by staff who encourage and challenge students to be the best version of themselves in class, clinicals, and personal life is why I advocate for future students to consider joining the Tech Family.”