Madison Hataway

Mar 29, 2020

Madison HatawayFashion Merchandising and Retail Studies major Madison Bailea-Parker Hataway is from Winnfield, where from a very young age she expressed herself through mixing wild prints and redesigning clothing. It has always been her passion to turn ordinary things into something extravagant.

“When I found out that Louisiana Tech had a program related to fashion, I had no doubt where I wanted to attend college,” Hataway said. “The Fashion Merchandising and Retail Studies program in the School of Human Ecology has taught me so much about the fashion industry, from the development of a product to it being displayed in store windows. My favorite thing about the program is being involved with Ruston’s unique boutiques, community events, and academic projects which has given me the chance to expand and grow with valuable experiences. These amazing opportunities has made my time in Fashion Merchandising and Retail Studies in the School of Human Ecology extra special.”