Maggie Herrmann

Mar 29, 2020

Maggie HerrmannSenior Environmental Science major Maggie Herrmann has a dual focus – Wildlife Habitat Management and Secondary Education. 

She grew up in the small lakeside town of Farmerville and knew she wanted to pursue a career as a Environmental Scientist shortly after her town became a refuge for those displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

“I volunteered with my family at the FEMA setup, and saw hundreds of people with nothing but the clothes on their back, or a trash bag of valuables,” Herrmann said. “Their entire life was compacted down to these bags and backpacks, and the loss was etched into their faces. I learned then that you can’t wait to place value on something until it is no longer available.”

Herrmann said the same can be said for the world’s environmental resources, and she wants to spend her life protecting and restoring environmental resources so that they can be sustained for future generations to enjoy. After she graduates, Maggie will pursue graduate school in restoration ecology. 

“My advice for future students is to apply for internships every summer,” Herrmann said. “Internships provide hands-on experience in fields you might be interested in and can open doors for future career opportunities.”