Ruth Stewart

Oct 26, 2021

Ruth Stewart, doctoral student in Molecular Science and Nanotechnology (MSNT), is originally from Indonesia. She came to the United States over 15 years ago and speaks fluent Indonesian and English.

Stewart began her academic work at Tech as a master’s-level MSNT student, but changed her mind after I met with Dr. Gergana Nestorova to talk about one of her research projects.

“I am one of the PhD students working in her Applied Genomics and Biotechnology lab on the investigation of the functional role of astrocyte-derived exosomes to reduce neuronal oxidative DNA damage,” Stewart said. “I have always loved biology and the natural world – and everything in it – always piques my curiosity. Most of all, how our body works fascinates me.  I love to learn and find out the how, why, and what of everything that makes us human physiologically.”

Stewart teaches a section of Microbiology lab as a graduate assistant and helps Dr. Jamie Newman to supervise the new Virtual Anatomy Lab in Carson Taylor Hall.

“Just recently, I received LaSPACE grant for 2021-22 for the research on exosomes,” Stewart said. “Louisiana Tech has been providing me with many great opportunities to grow as a student and a person.

“I would like to thank the faculty and staff at the Biological Sciences department for their support, especially Dr. Gergana Nestorova for giving me the opportunity to work at her lab as well as for her tremendous support in everything I do in my research.”

Ruth Stewart