Tarah Waggoner

Jan 6, 2022

Tarah Waggoner is a Health Informatics and Information Management graduate student who lives in Columbia. She received her bachelor’s degree in Health Informatics and Information Management in spring 2007 at Louisiana Tech University. 

Waggoner then pursued a career in HIM that has allowed her to work locally as well as nationally. She also discovered her passion for learning and growing while 
helping others to do the same. 

Waggoner decided to further her education in hopes that one day she would be able to teach others as a college professor. She chose to participate in Louisiana Tech’s online Health Informatics courses and is excited for the future as she nears the end of her studies.

“Louisiana Tech has been instrumental in my growth,” Waggoner said. “It is my hope to have the opportunity to pay this forward in the years to come.”