Graduation and program completion requirements

Completion of the Dietetic Internship requires successfully passing all the requirements of FNU 592: Internship in Nutrition/Dietetic. Interns must also maintain good standing within the graduate program and meet all requirements for continuing in the graduate program in order to successfully complete the dietetic internship.

Requirements for successful completion of FNU 592 are as follows:

  1. The ACEND competency requirements must be completed satisfactorily and verified by preceptors or Tech faculty. Verification of performance requirements is documented in the Activity Record.
  2. Professional behavior reviews conducted by preceptors/adjunct faculty at the completion of each rotation, scheduled for two weeks or longer, must consistently document that the intern is performing at an acceptable level. The “Progressive Discipline for Student Performance Problems” policy will be adhered to if problems are identified. Interns must comply with the policy and fulfill requirements for successful completion of the program.
  3. Interns must fulfill 1,200 clock hours of practice time through practicum requirements in the facilities and/or through other assigned activities.
  4. Documentation of completed Activity Record and a portfolio of work must be submitted to the DI Program Director before completion of the program.
  5. Participation in RD practice exam class requirements and workshop. Receive a score of 80% or above on comprehensive RD practice exam and all pre- and post-rotation quizzes.
  6. F&N 592 is a pass/fail course. Successful completion of listed requirements will result in a passing grade for the course.
  7. Completion of 15 hours graduate credit approved through individual plans of study.
  8. Students completing requirements of the Dietetic Internship as established by the policies of the Louisiana Tech University DI will receive a verification statement which is submitted to CDR for eligibility to sit for the RD exam.
  9. Maintain good standing and meet all requirements for continuing in the graduate program.
  10. The DI is designed to be completed within 11 months but a maximum of 16.5 months is allowed for completing the program based on when the intern started the DI program.

In the event that a leave of absence is necessary prior to program completion for purposes of documented medical leave, family emergency, and/or military leave the following procedures are to be taken:

  • Intern must submit written request to the Food and Nutrition Program Development committee for evaluation.
  • Request will be evaluated on an individual basis. Approval is at the discretion of the Food and Nutrition Program Development committee who will consider issues such as availability of practicum facility, staff, Louisiana Tech resources and available slots.
  • Students will be responsible for meeting all DI program requirements.