Poinsettia Show enjoys another successful holiday run

Dec 12, 2012 | Applied and Natural Sciences

Louisiana Tech University’s annual Poinsettia Show and Auction held Nov. 29 at Squire Creek Country Club not only ushered in the Christmas season, but also a big gift for the agricultural sciences department. The department was also able to share the gift of giving as it honored retired professor Peter Gallagher by naming him professor emeritus. The poinsettia auction brought in $15,000 said Dr. Gary Kennedy, head of Louisiana Tech’s agricultural sciences department. “We took in around $10,000 last year, so that’s a significant increase and goes to the department’s scholarship fund,” Kennedy said. “That money means so much and to see that kind of increase in these tough times was unexpected but very pleasant, like we got our own early Christmas gift.” Poinsettias are currently on sale at the Tech Farm Salesroom during its normal operating hours of 9 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. Monday-Friday. “There are still all kinds of nice poinsettias on sale,” Kennedy said. “The proceeds we make from those are crucial, too, because that goes to the greenhouse fund to keep it maintained throughout the year. It’s these poinsettia sales that make the greenhouse pretty much self-supporting as far as finances go. We try not to use state money for that.” The agricultural sciences also used the auction to announce that Gallagher had been named professor emeritus. Gallagher retired in May after 36 years teaching in the department and serving as department head from 1989-1997. “For me, professor emeritus is the perfect title for him because even though he’s retired now,” Kennedy said. “That’s because he never left. He’s always around working on something, and passing on knowledge while doing so. Dr. Gallagher deserves that title as much as anyone I’ve ever met.” Written by T. Scott Boatright –