Forestry – Forest Management Concentration

Program Highlights: This broad field incorporates biological, physical, ecological, and managerial sciences to help future foresters earn and grasp and appreciate the deep commitment required to understanding and appreciating — and conserving — the world’s forest resources. Forests are among our most precious resources and must be skillfully managed to meet the wants and needs of both ours and future generations.

Job Opportunities

  • Forest products industry
  • Forestry federal or state agencies
  • Forestry consulting
  • Forest plant management trainee/technician
  • Forest researcher
  • Forest nursery coordinator
  • Sales representative
  • Extension Agent
  • Laboratory technician
  • Quality control specialist

Forestry – Forest Management Concentration Curriculum



Forestry – Wildlife Habitat Management Concentration

This academic program and specific focus on wildlife habitats is designed for students who want to learn about conservation and management techniques that support sustainable wildlife populations and their habitats. Louisiana Tech offers hands-on opportunities in habitat management for biological diversity, species conservation, and the ethics of consumptive wildlife use.

Tech is a Society of American Foresters-accredited school that offers coursework necessary for students who want to qualify for certification through The Wildlife Society. Studies emphasize the life histories, habitat relationships, and habitat management of wildlife species and communities.

Job Opportunities

  • Wildlife biologist
  • Wildlife habitat restoration specialist
  • Animal caretaker
  • Consultant
  • Private conservation organization

Graduate School Opportunities

A Master of Science degree requires approximately two years of additional studies, generally involving specialization with a particular species of wildlife.

Forestry – Wildlife Habitat Management Concentration Curriculum




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