School of Biological Sciences hoods spring graduates

Jun 20, 2016 | Applied and Natural Sciences

Louisiana Tech University’s School of Biological Sciences recognized 10 graduating graduate students at spring commencement exercises last month, in a hooding ceremony for faculty, friends and family. Hooding SBS Spring GraduatesA first event of this kind for the program, the hooding ceremony was a way for students to be recognized for their hard work and contributions to the biological sciences program, and is likely become a regular part of quarterly commencement.  Each student recognized has contributed to work done in faculty research labs or worked as a graduate assistant instructing some of our undergraduate lab courses, and several worked diligently in both areas of the department. “The faculty members of the School of Biological Sciences are pleased to recognize the Master of Science and Ph.D. graduate students who have completed their studies and their research, and are graduating spring quarter,” said Dr. Bill Campbell, head of the School of Biological Sciences.  “This is an important milepost in these students’ careers, and we want to thank these students for their contributions to our academic unit with their research activities and with their assistance with teaching.  We also want to thank the family and friends of these students who encouraged and supported them throughout their time as graduate students at Louisiana Tech.” The graduates (and their advisors) are as follows:
  • Layne Shelton, MS Biology (Advisor: Dr. Rebecca Giorno)
  • Sean Berman, MS Biology (Advisor: Dr. David Mills)
  • Chris Boyer, PhD MSNT (Advisor: Dr. David Mills)
  • Erik Beadle, MS MSNT (Advisor: Dr. Jamie Newman)
  • Ngozi Ogbonnaya, MS MSNT (Advisor: Dr. Jamie Newman)
  • Nehal Patel, MS MSNT (Advisor: Dr. Jamie Newman)
  • Andrew Roser, MS MSNT (Advisor: Dr. Jeffry Shultz)
  • Jaymes Hunter Collins, PhD MSNT (Advisor: Dr. William Wolf)
  • David Stafford, MS Biology (Advisor: Dr. William Wolf)
  • Rawieh Telfah, MS Biology (Advisor: Dr. William Wolf)
Faculty advisors for each of the students presented the hoods to their students, introduced them, their degree, and their plans for the future.  Students graduating this quarter are going to work for Fish and Wildlife, are pursuing PhDs, applying to medical school, and are applying for postdoctoral and teaching positions.