Upper Division

Nutrition and Dietetic students must apply for and be accepted into Upper Division prior to enrolling in professional courses (400-level Food and Nutrition courses). Minimum requirements for admission into upper division include: completion of at least 48 hours of credit (including 22 hours of lower division required courses), with no grade less than a “C” and completion of HEC 257.  The RD concentration has the requirement of a minimum curriculum GPA of 2.85 or higher, and the non-RD concentration has the requirement of a minimum curriculum GPA of 2.3 for admission into Upper Division. The curriculum GPA is not the same as the overall cumulative GPA posted on the student’s transcript. The curriculum GPA is calculated using only courses that are listed on the curriculum sheet (or university approved substitutions for these courses). The curriculum GPA is calculated at the end of each quarter and is posted in the student’s official academic folder. Students can contact their advisors at any time to check their curriculum GPA. (Note: Students can repeat classes in which they earn grades less than a “C” to earn a higher grade. However, both grades will be factored into the calculation of curriculum GPA.) 

Typically, application to upper division is made after winter quarter of the sophomore year, although students are able to apply during any quarter in which they meet the eligibility requirements. Upper Division application requirements are located in the Upper Division Application Non-RD and Upper Division Application RD tabs.

Once admitted into Upper Division, students in the RD concentration must maintain a minimum curriculum GPA of 2.85 to continue enrolling in 400-level Food and Nutrition courses. Students in the RD concentration whose curriculum GPA falls below 2.85 will be placed on probation for one quarter. They will be allowed one quarter to raise the curriculum GPA to 2.85 or above. If, by the end of the one quarter of probation, the curriculum GPA is not a 2.85 or above, the student will be dropped from Upper Division and will not be allowed to enroll in additional upper division Food and Nutrition courses. At this time, students should work with their advisors to plan remediation or transfer to the non-RD concentration. While on probation, students may enroll in non-Food and Nutrition courses and they can repeat lower level courses to raise their curriculum GPA. Students will need to reapply and be readmitted to Upper Division prior to enrolling in additional Upper Division courses.