Child Life students use doll to illustrate an IV for children.
2013 Spring Quarter Graduation.
Louisiana Tech Dietetic students helping participants complete a 24 hour food recall during health screening at St. Matthew Baptist Church.
Carson Taylor Hall Aesthetics Project.
Medical Technology student plating cultures, Overton Brooks VA Medical Center, Shreveport, LA.
ANS Day 2013 - Faculty Awards.
HEC Awards Ceremony 2013 - HEC Featured Students.
Medical Technology Student performing a pipetting procedure at Baptist Health Center, Little Rock, AR.
ANS Research Symposium 2013.
Students are clearing a stand of loblolly pine trees that they cut down.
2013 Spring Quarter Graduation.
Michelle Martin, Associate Professor in Health Informatics and Information Management is teaching a class in the computer lab in Madison Hall.
ANS Day 2013 - Featured Students.
Rohan S. Balkawade honored as a top researcher.
ANS Students of the Year for 2014.
ANS Research Symposium 2013.
Tanya Sims, Nursing Faculty with Nursing Students Haley O'Neal preparing medications and Sara Lay drawing blood for METI simulator.