Course Scheduling

Course scheduling is very important. Many of the courses in the curriculum have pre-requisites and many are offered only one time a year.  For this reason, students are required to meet with an academic advisor each quarter. Students are not allowed to register for classes for the next quarter until they have met with an academic advisor.

Most Food and Nutrition (FNU) courses are offered only once a year, with a few being offered twice a year.  Undergraduate FNU courses are not offered during the summer quarter. Students should be aware of this when making plans for completing their degrees.  Planned FNU offerings for 2018-19 are listed below:

  • FNU 103: Nutrition and Weight Control – Fall, Winter, Spring
  • FNU 201:  Food Cost Accounting – Winter
  • FNU 203: Basic Human Nutrition – Fall, Winter
  • FNU 210:  Introduction to the Nutrition Professions–Winter
  • FNU 220: Life Cycle Nutrition – Fall
  • FNU 232: Basic Food Science – Spring
  • FNU 253: Sports Nutrition – Winter
  • FNU 299: Research for Nutrition Professionals -Spring
  • FNU 302: Quantity Foods – Fall
  • FNU 402: Human Nutritional Biochemistry I – Fall
  • FNU 403: Community Nutrition – Fall
  • FNU 404: Human Nutritional Biochemistry II – Winter
  • FNU 412: Experimental Food Science – Winter
  • FNU 414: Nutrition Assessment – Fall
  • FNU 423: Medical Nutrition Therapy I – Winter
  • FNU 443: Medical Nutrition Therapy II – Spring
  • FNU 463: Medical Nutrition Therapy III – Spring
  • FNU 472: Food Service Systems Management – Spring

In addition to FNU courses, several other courses required in the curriculum are not offered every quarter (HEC 257; HEC 357; CHEM 120, 121, and 122; and BISC 225, 226, and 227). Students should plan to take these courses as soon as they are available to them, so as to ensure that they can complete degree requirements in a timely manner.

Many of the courses required in the curriculum have pre-requisites.  All prerequisite courses must be passed with a “C” or better prior to taking the next course.

These include:

  • CHEM 121 and 122
  • ENGL 102 and 303
  • BISC 227
  • FNU 302 (FNU 232)
  • FNU 402 (FNU 203, CHEM 121, BISC 227)
  • FNU 403 (FNU 203 and 220)
  • FNU 404 (FNU 402)
  • FNU 412 (FNU 232, CHEM 121)
  • FNU 414 (COREQ 402)
  • FNU 423 (FNU 402 and 414)
  • FNU 443 (FNU 423)
  • FNU 463 (COREQ 443)
  • FNU 472 (FNU 302)
  • HEC 357

Students are referred to the University catalog for additional information about pre-requisites at the following link:

A suggested block plan or quarter-by-quarter suggested schedule is provided at the Four-year Block Plan link. This is a suggested schedule only, and can be modified as needed. Typically, the schedule will need to be modified when (a) students are admitted to the University with Advanced Placement (AP) or dual enrollment credits; (b) students are transferring in credits from another university; (c) students are enrolled in the university honors program; (d) students are working on a minor or double degree; (e) students are planning to complete the degree in three years; (f) students are planning to enroll concurrently in the MS program. Students and their academic advisors should work together to develop an individual workable block plan. The individual block plan should be developed by the middle of the sophomore year.