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What can I do with an Environmental Science Degree?

What can I do with an Environmental Science Degree?

Job Outlook (from Bureau of Labor Statistics): Employment of environmental scientists and specialists is projected to grow 11 percent from 2014 to 2024, faster than the average for all occupations. Heightened public interest in the hazards facing the environment, as well as the increasing demands placed on the environment by population growth, is expected to spur demand for environmental scientists and specialists. 2015 Median Pay: $67,460/yr or $32.43/hr

Most entry-level jobs require a bachelor’s degree in environmental science or other science related fields.
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Because Louisiana Tech's Environmental Science degree includes a minor in your area of preferred specialization, it opens up a wide variety of career paths. An Environmental Science minor can also broaden your postgraduate options. Here is a (very partial!) list of possibilities for those with an Environmental Science major or minor:

Postgraduate Study (M.A., M.S., Ph.D., J.D.)

Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Conservation Biology
Environmental Law
Environmental Policy
Environmental Science
Environmental Studies
Mathematics and Statistics
Natural Resource Management

Plus any other area of academic specialization with a potential environmental component, from business, communications, or economics to geography, journalism, and sociology

Science and Engineering

Agricultural Engineer
Emergency Manager/First Responder
Park Ranger
Range Manager/Range Specialist
Restoration Ecologist
Risk Manager
Soil Scientist
Survey and Mapping Technician
Water Pollution Control Technician
Watershed Manager
Wildlife Biologist


Community Relations Coordinator
Compliance Specialist
Environmental Economist
Environmental Educator
Environmental Journalist
Environmental Lawyer
Landscape Architect
Natural Resource Manager
Policy Analyst
Public Analyst
Technical Writer

Business and Industry

Brownfield Real Estate Developer
Communications Director
Corporate Recycling Manager
Economist/Environmental Economist
Environment, Health, and Safety Director
Environmental Compliance
Environmental Consultant
Environmental Quality Certification Specialist
Government Affairs Manager
Hazardous Materials Handler/Specialist
Marketing Specialist/Manager
Occupational Health and Safety
Oil, Gas, and Mining
Pollution Abatement
Public Relations/Community Coordinator
Quality Control Engineer
Socially Responsible Investment Advisor/Broker
Sustainability Officer
Waste Management

Who hires Environmental Science graduates?

In addition to various industries and businesses, both government agencies and nongovernmental organizations hire graduates with training in environmental science. Here are just a few examples:

     Federal, State, and Local Government

     Departments of Environmental Protection

     Departments of Environmental Quality