Animal Science Minor

Twenty-one hours with a minimum of nine hours in 300- 400 level courses are required for the minor in animal science. Courses may be selected from Animal Science 111 plus any combination of other animal science course


Forestry Minor

To earn a minor in forestry, a student must complete 22 or 23 hours in the following courses:

  • FOR 202
  • FOR/WILD 230, 231, 232, 233
  • FOR 301 or BISC 313
  • FOR 302, 306, 312 or 313, 406


Geographic Information Science Minor

The minor in Geographic Information Science is a 19- or 20- hour program that helps students understand, analyze and apply the spatial relationships between human and physical features.


Plant Science Minor

To earn the minor in Plant Science, a student must complete 18 hours of Plant Science courses with nine of those credit hours being required at a 300 or 400 level. Students enrolled in the Agricultural Business concentration and in other degree programs such as Animal Science, Agricultural Education, and Environmental Science (School of Biological Sciences) will often minor in Plant Science.


Wildlife Habitat Management Minor

A student must complete 21 hours for a minor in Wildlife Habitat Management with 15 hours at a 300 level or above. Courses include Ecology, Wildlife Techniques, and Biology of Forest Plants.