Each student enrolling in Nutrition and Dietetics will be assigned an Academic Advisor by the Director of the School of Human Ecology. Nutrition and Dietetics advisors are all faculty teaching in the Nutrition and Dietetics programs. Typically, students will be assigned two different advisors during their undergraduate studies, one person who will guide them through Phase 1 of the program (lower division), and one who will advise them while they are in Upper Division. The DPD Director advises all students once they have been admitted into Upper Division. Although advisors are assigned, students should be aware that they can request a re-assignment if they are not comfortable with the advisor they have been assigned.

Louisiana Tech University values academic advising, noting that advising will occur at least quarterly and will include more than scheduling courses for the quarter. The University charges the advisor with: helping students to learn university policies and procedures; helping students to learn about their major, including degree requirements, post-baccalaureate education and career opportunities; helping students plan their schedules to allow them to meet personal career goals; helping students with transfer courses and substitutions; and advising students about minors, practicum experiences, student organizations, part-time jobs, scholarships, etc. The overall goal is to help each student to be as successful as possible in the program.

Course Equivalency Policy

Nutrition and Dietetics courses sought to meet program curriculum requirements will be evaluated on an individual basis and a syllabus from the course must be provided by the student for review by the program director. Credit may be given for prior courses if the course is similar in nature and meets the 2022 standards. Non-nutrition curriculum courses must be approved following the College of Applied and Natural Sciences policy for transfer courses.