Computer and Internet Requirements

Online students must have or acquire the proper technology and technological skills necessary for success in an online course. While tablets, netbooks, smartphones, and other mobile devices may allow for some completion of coursework, they are not a substitute for a computer. Students must have a Windows- or Mac-based computer available to complete coursework. The computer must also have a camera for online classes that require the camera to be turned on for synchronous classes and testing. Students must have access to a reliable, high-speed internet connection. Internet services and computer costs vary based on location, type of service, and type of computer selected.

Identity of Student and Protection of Privacy of Student Information

“Faculty and Students can now enable and use multi-factor authentication (MFA) to protect their Louisiana Tech University user account and privacy. The Nutrition undergraduate program requires that students utilize MFA when using their university account for Canvas Learning Management System. Faculty may require students to present photo identification upon signing in for the proctored experience or test for the online course. This system allows the instructor to know that the student mastering the material is the same student receiving credit for the course. Faculty may also choose to use Respondus Lockdown Browser with Monitor to record student display of ID and assessment session.”