DPD Program Retention, Remediation and Monitoring Policy

DPD Retention Procedures and Policy

Students who have been admitted to the DPD program must meet all the requirements for earning a Verification Statement and all institution requirements for a degree completion requirement. Students who do not meet the program requirements with a grade of C or above may retake a course to earn the required minimum grade. Both earned grades are factored into the curriculum and overall GPA.

Students will be retained in the LA Tech DPD program provided the following retention criteria below are met each quarter. If not met, they would move to a remediation plan.

Retention Criteria:

  1. Completion of all required courses outlined on the 120-hour B.S. Degree Curriculum for Nutrition and Dietetics majors.
  2. Maintenance of a cumulative Nutrition and Dietetics grade point average of 2.85 or above each quarter.
  3. A letter grade of C or above is required in all DPD and degree courses.

The DPD Director monitors all DPD student grades at the end of each quarter to verify adherence to retention requirements. Any student failing to meet retention requirements will be notified by e-mail by the DPD Director.  Students are allowed to retake courses as needed to meet retention criteria.

Students with minimal chances of success in the program will be counseled into alternative academic and career paths. For those students identified as having potential to be successful in the program, a remediation plan will be developed with their advisor. If the student does not complete the remediation plan within a specified time frame and meet retention requirements, the student will be dismissed from the DPD program.

DPD Monitoring, Assessment of Student Learning and Remediation Procedure and Policy

As an ACEND accredited Didactic program in Dietetics (DPD), it is expected that students will have obtained competence for each of the ACEND-specific knowledge requirements and learning outcomes (2022 ACEND Accreditation Standards (DPD).

Faculty of each program course assesses student achievement of the Core Knowledge Statements (KRDNs) through a variety of evaluation methods as documented in the syllabi for those courses. It is the student’s responsibility to be familiar with the various course evaluation methods. DPD students must earn a grade of C or higher on all KRDN learning activities to remain in the DPD and to earn a Verification Statement. When a student does not meet the KRDNs at the expected level, the student must meet with the course faculty to discuss appropriate remediation and earn a grade of C or higher on that assessment before the end of the course quarter. Faculty for each required DPD course will determine the appropriate course-specific remediation approach to use to support student achievement of the competency. Remediation will NOT result in a change in grade. The original grade earned for the activity will stand.

It is a goal of the Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD) to retain all students for successful completion of the program and to provide students with the necessary support and services to ensure success in completing the program.

Tutoring is available to all Louisiana Tech students across a variety of subjects. Group tutors are available in the Bulldog Achievement Resource Center (BARC) located in Wyly Tower. Additional information is available at