Verification Statements

Requirements for Verification Statement upon Completion of Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD)

Upon successful completion of the DPD requirements, the program director will issue a verification statement to the student indicating that the student has completed all coursework requirements for a didactic degree in nutrition and dietetics as dictated by the ACEND accrediting body. Upon completion of the didactic degree in nutrition and dietetics and after transcript verification, the verification statement is mailed to the student.  

Requirements for graduates to receive a DPD verification statement are a “DPD Course List for Verification Statement” GPA of 2.85 with a “C” grade or higher in all courses required for the major. Copies of the verification statement with the original signature of the program director are submitted along with applications to dietetic internships, to AND as a part of the application to achieve active membership status, licensure, and may be requested by employers or graduate school programs as applicable.

Students with a Prior Degree Seeking a Verification Statement

Students with a bachelor’s degree or higher seeking to earn a DPD verification statement must provide the program director with an official transcript of all courses completed at an accredited university to begin the transcript evaluation process. Students are responsible for obtaining and providing any course syllabi requested for further evaluation of course content.  Transcripts and syllabi are evaluated on an individual basis by the program director to determine how the 2022 Standards required by ACEND for all DPD students are met. Courses needed to meet these requirements will then be discussed with the student. A written agreement between the Louisiana Tech University Nutrition and Dietetics Program and the student regarding requirements for receiving the verification statement without obtaining a BS in Nutrition & Dietetics from Louisiana Tech University will be signed and kept on file in the student’s advisement folder. The program director provides the final decision regarding the requirements.

In order to receive a verification statement from the Louisiana Tech DPD Program, students not seeking a second degree must:

  • Completion of coursework that meets required competencies listed in the Core Knowledge Statements (KRDNs) and also includes the Professional Standards course and 9 hours of upper level or graduate level dietetics courses as approved by the program director.
  • Maintain a” DPD Course List for Verification Statement” GPA of 2.85 or above.
  • Have a grade of C or better in all required courses.